IRS Gives Free Pass To Famous Obama Leftist Group But
Strips Tax-Exempt Status From Small Conservative Nonprofit

Must Know Headlines


Barack Obama

Cliff Deal Only Whets Obama’s Appetite For More Taxes

Obama Schedules Potentially ‘Catastrophic’
Debt-Ceiling ‘Fiscal Cliff II’ For February

Average Tax Increase Under Fiscal Cliff Bill
Will Be $1,635 Per Household

Obama: We Raised Taxes, But The Rich
Still Aren’t Paying Their Fair Share

Hey Dummies, Obama Is Everything You Hated About Bush On Steroids!

After Warning Congress About Spending,
Obama Heads Back To Hawaii

Tax Breaks For Rum, Algae, Hollywood: ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Legislation
Loaded With Specials For Obama Supporters

Obama Says Fiscal Cliff Deal Will Reduce Deficit
… (Deal Adds $4 Trillion To Deficit)

Obama Continues Use Of Renditions In Fight Against Terror

Obama To ‘Quickly’ Go For Immigration Reform And Gun Control

Emperor Obama Issues Executive Order Granting
De Facto Amnesty To 1 Million Illegal Immigrants

Ring In ObamaCare, Say Farewell To Full-Time Jobs


Democrat- Run Senate Stuffed Fiscal Cliff Deal
With $76 Billion In Corporate Pork

The Pork Filled And Expensive Non-Relief Sandy Relief Bill

How Democrats Avoid Tough Questions On TV: They Cover Their Ears


Democrat-Activist Media

Gore Pockets Estimated $100M On TV Sale To Oil-Backed Al Jazeera

Gun Owner-Outing Newspaper User
Database Hacked, Customers Outed

Networks Nearly Mum On Hobby Lobby’s Religious Freedom Suit

Libtalker Demands FBI Surveillance Of Conservatives

CBS’s 2012 Recap Glosses Over Key Aspects Of Benghazi Attack Controversy

Mia Farrow Hearts Chris Christie (For Blasting Republicans)


Showdown Over ‘Gay-Conversion Therapy’ Ban:
‘This Law Is An Astounding Overreach By Government’

Most Ridiculous New Laws Of 2013

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