Soros Backed Marxist Media Group Got $364 Mil From US Gov

Must Know Headlines


There Is A Hidden $1 Trillion Net Tax Hike In
The “Fiscal Cliff” That No One Is Talking About

Workers Making $30,000 Will Take A Bigger Hit
Than Those Earning $500,000 Under New Fiscal Deal

US Faces Credit Rating Downgrade By Three Top Firms This Year

RAND PAUL Shocker: I’m Not Sure There Was Ever a Bill
! I Was Told It Was Online at 1:36 AM. We Voted at 1:39 AM” (Video)

Libya: Main Suspect In 9/11 Terror Attack Lives Freely In Benghazi

Why Was Abolition Of Slavery In The US Worthy Of Almost No Attention
When It Marked Its Sesquicentennial On January 1, 2013?

 Barack Obama

Obama Gives Illegal Aliens Happy New Year

Obama’s Idea Of ‘Balance’ Is Higher Taxes
To Fund A Growing Welfare State

Sandy Victim In Viral Photo Says Obama Broke Promise,
Sent Her Form Letter

Obama Judicial Nominee Opposed Gun
Makers And Pro-Life Demonstrators

Obama Wastes No Time Getting On The Golf Course

Where Are The Women In The Obama White House?
(Begging For Birth Control & Abortion)

Vindication: Egyptian Magazine Exposes Muslim
Brotherhood Infiltration of Obama Administration

Morsi’s ‘Apes And Pigs’ Comments Highlight Obama’s
Egyptian Problem, Experts Say [VIDEO]


Dupe Of The Year 2012

NAACP President Says Incoming Black SC GOP
Senator ‘Doesn’t Believe In Civil Rights’

DHS Fails Again To Implement ID Card Protections

Chicago Murders Skyrocket,
Business Owner Shot In The Back And Killed

Democrat-Activist Media

Fiscal Cliff Deal’s $4 Trillion Price Tag Ignored By 5 Out Of 6 Shows

Thanks To Journal News – New York Woman & Family Believes
They Are Being Stalked Again By Predator (Video)

NBC: House GOP ‘Ignored’ Sandy Suffering;
Another Body Blow’ To Storm Victims

MSNBC’s Matthews: Fiscal Conservatism Like Being a Southern ‘Segregationist’

Politico Trashes Breitbart Reporting; Publishes Same Story Days Later

Al Jazeera Bails Out Al Gore – Buys Current TV

DiCaprio: Foxx, Jackson Encouraged Me To Say ‘N-Word’ During ‘Django’


Scientists Discover Aborted Baby Cells Living In Mother’s Brain

Foreign Students Can Still Attend Flight
Schools Not Authorized By FAA

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