Dinesh D’Souza: Bundy Ranchers Are Facing Real Domestic Terror
From Their Own Government (Video)

Must Know Headlines


PolitiFact’s ‘Lie of the Year’ Turns Out To Be True

55,772,015 Abortions In America Since Roe vs. Wade In 1973

New Blacklist Update: Ed Asner, Martin Sheen Want
Oscar Boycott For ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

IRS Gives Prisoners Millions in Tax Returns

Interior Successfully Fast-Tracking Solar Projects In Arizona

Barack Obama

Obama’s Dark Money Group Gets Free Pass
While Media Scrutinizes Conservative Donations

Obama’s ATF Nominee Criticized For Seeming To Discourage Whistleblowers

Obama Is Bankrupting The Youth And Unborn

Obama’s No. 1 Second-Term Goal—Win Back The House

Obama Uses Emotion And Children As Political Tools

White House On Egyptian President’s Jew-Hatred: He Didn’t Mean It

Obama To Create Mass Organization Devoted To Obama

On Violence, Obama Gives His Hollywood Pals A Pass


Illegal Alien: Thanks To ‘Obama’s Law’ ‘We’re Safe’ From Deportation

Obama Administration Eases Pat
h For ‘Dreamers’ To Get Behind The Wheel

Connecticut Dem Proposes Federal Tax Credit
For Surrendering ‘Assault Weapons’

Ex-New Orleans Mayor Nagin Indicted For Katrina Fraud

Al Gore’s New Apple Stock Could Net Him $30M

Low Information Voters Show Their Stuff –
Completely Make Up Crap About Obama’s Inauguration (Video)

Democrat-Activist Media

Obama Shuns Fox News At Press Conferences

Libtalkers Attack Rush: ‘Some People Deserve To Be Shot In The Face’

NBC’s Chuck Todd: One Must Understand
Who Owns Guns And Where They Live

Another Anti-Gay Comment Hurled By BuzzFeed Staffer

NY Times Avoids Linking Morsi’s Anti-Semitism To
Muslim Brotherhood Ideology

‘Lethal Weapon’ Actor Tells Students
Second Amendment Was Intended To Preserve Slavery

ABC, CBS And NBC All Refuse To Identify Indicted Nagin As Democrat

Affordable Care Act 101: Classes To Teach Journalists How To
Properly Report Stories About Obamacare Set To Begin

ABC, CBS And NBC All Refuse to Identify Indicted Nagin As Democrat

Shocking New Revelation: Reporters Swooned Over Obama!

CBS Sets Up NYC Mayor Bloomberg To Rip NRA, Promote Stricter Gun Control

Food Police Bashes Restaurants, CBS Eats it Up;
Network Website Runs CSPI Report
Including Accusation And Calls For Regulation

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