Illegitimate & Terrorist Joe Biden Wants To Build Housing For Illegal Immigrants At The Border

Democrat voters are so ignorant and brainwashed that they don’t notice or care.  Or they are the criminals coming to the USA ILLEGALLY and their anchor babies. Biden is going to bring all the criminals, crazies, poor, lazy, moochers in the world to US. They will stay in homes at the border funded by US then made an American and given voting rights within 3 weeks.  Our communities, schools, hospitals, police, kids, resources,  elections, RIGHTS, SECURITY, cities, states, elections, neighborhoods, and everything will be harmed. All democrats want to do is spend our money and endanger our lives and HOME for nonstop HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of more people while at the same time trying to kill everyone with abortion, vaccines, poison in our water, MAN MADE wildfires, unsecured borders, and so much more….Senile and criminal Biden is going to spend billions to remove carbon dioxide from our air!!

That is how I know Biden, his democrat party of slavery, and their puppet masters got caught. LOOK what he is doing to our country while Americans get murdered, raped, robbed, harmed and much more EVERYDAY AND IN EVERY STATE by the foreigners democrats traffic and smuggle. But don’t worry the fake news won’t report it. However, they will report the illegal alien 3 year old who died in a bus from TX to Chicago.

I know a democrat who said that the border and immigration problem is NOT Joe Biden’s fault. Democrat voters are morons and criminals.

Foreigners need to fix their own countries. America doesn’t want or need any more people.


REPORT: Joe Biden Wants to Build Housing for Illegal Immigrants at the Border