Must Know Headlines


White Man Who Was Doused With Gas & Set On Fire
By 2 Hoodied Black Males Dies At Burn Center

Reward: $50,000 For ‘Khalidi Tape’ Of Obama At Anti-Israel Party

 Gross Disappointing Product: GDP Growth At 1.5 Percent

Heritage Libertad Radio: Hispanic Conservative Talk Radio

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) Gets Standing Ovation On House Floor
For Saying What Americans Say To Each Other Every Day



WH Predicts $1.2 Trillion Deficit As Obama Campaigns On Debt Reduction

Carney And WH Web Site ‘Follow Up’ Won’t Admit To
What The Law Dictates: Jerusalem Is Israel’s Capital

Bipartisanship: DNC Website Talks More About Romney Than Obama

Pelosi: Republican Jews Are “Being Exploited” – Update: Video Added,
“Criticizing Obama’s Israel Record Is Code For Cutting Taxes”

Mitt Romney

Rasmussen: Romney Has Same Lead, Same Day That Obama Had In ’08

Piers Morgan On Romney’s Olympic Gaffe:
Actually, Everything He Said Was True

Immigration Policies Under A Prez. Romney: Less Illegal, More Legal—
Stark Contrast To Obama’s Emphasis On Accommodating ILLEGALS

Cher: Romney Is ‘Spineless Racist,’ ‘Cretin’;
Must Fight ‘T-Baggies’ Bachmann And Palin

Barack Obama

After Obama Blocks Keystone Pipeline,
China Readies $15.1 Billion Canadian Oil Deal

‘DREAMers’ Take Advantage Of Obama’s ICE No-Enforcement Policy

 The 14th Victim At Fort Hood:
More Proof Of Obama’s “Covert Zeal” For Abortion

Obama Campaign Uses Birthday E-Card To Harvest
Email Addresses, Gather Campaign Contributions

Obama Blasted For Failure To Visit Israel

Barry Won’t Visit Israel, But He’ll Bow To Saudi King


‘Disappointed’: NBC Censored Tribute To Terrorism
Victims Out Of Olympic Opening Ceremony

Occupy Movement Hits London To Protest ‘Capitalist’ Olympic Games

First Lady Michelle Obama In London For The Olympics

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Distorts Romney’s Olympics History To Invent ‘Gaffe’

Green Weenie Of The Week: NPR

Somehow, Daily Kos Morally Merges Aurora Killer With Jonah Goldberg

ABC, NBC Mostly Ignore Fracking; CBS Airs 6 Times More Negative Stories

Russell Simmons’ Hypocritical NRA Slam


GW School Of Law Professor John Banzhaf Is Demanding
That Catholic University In Washington D.C. Remove Crosses
& Christian Symbols So As Not To Offend Muslims

 Mark Levin: It Is True, Bachmann WAS Told To
Apologize Or She Might Lose Her Intelligence Committee Post