Must Know Headlines


The Political Media Complex Is Broken 

Federal Court: Obama Admin. Interfered In New Black Panthers Case

FreedomWorks’ Top Ten Things Happening In Congress This Week, 7-30-2012

Left-Wing Activists Admit Allen West Terrifies Them: “If We Don’t Take Him
Down Now…. He’s Going To Set What The New Normal
Is For The Republican Party.”

Congressman Allen West (R-FL)

WATCH: Deneen Borelli’s Powerful FreePAC Speech

Colorado Theater Shooter Won’t Be Charged For Killing Unborn Baby

Chicago Muslim Homicide Bomber Pleads Guilty


 Rationing Begins: States Limiting Drug Prescriptions For Medicaid Patients

Obamacare By The Numbers

Thanks, Obamacare: Doctor Shortages,
Jobs Destroyed, Coverage Dropped

Barack Obama

 Obama Uses Word “Terrorize” For Aurora
Murders But Not For Fort Hood Jihad

Obama To Transform U.S. Military Into Social Workers:
New Focus On ‘Global Warming,’ Poverty, ‘Injustice,’ Bolstering U.N.

Obama’s Schedule: Full Of Nothing

Mitt Romney

Armed With Political Clout, Veterans Organize To Elect Romney

Kristi Yamaguchi Endorses Romney; Liberals Hardest Hit

 Romneys Receive Heroes’ Welcome In Poland

Lech Walesa Endorses @MittRomney: “Be Successful!”

Romney Knows Israel’s Capital (And Its Enemies)

The Presidential Hopeful Points To The Right Reason
For The Palestinians’ Failure To Develop 


DNC Panders Uncontrollably To Far-Left Base,
Makes Gay Marriage An Official Plank Of Party’s Platform

Napolitano: Terrorists Enter U.S. From Mexico ‘From Time To Time’

Report: GOP Investigation Finds Five Top
ATF Officials Responsible For Fast & Furious

Mom Of WA Dem Donated 98 Percent Of Her Super PAC Funds

Democrat-Activist Media

Networks Rediscover Security Gaffes At Olympics,
But Don’t Acknowledge Romney’s Warning

CNN Lumps Racists Together With Defenders Of Traditional Marriage

Media Praises Michelle Obama’s $6,800 Shirt
(After Bashing Ann Romney’s $990 One)

NPR’s Cokie Roberts: Romney Poland Trip Racially Motivated

Stupid CNN: We Didn’t Intentionally Play ‘Stupid Girls’
For The Palin Intro — Total Coincidence

Scary Conservatives: AP’s Hanna Negatively Frames
Likely Conservative GOP Gains In The Heartland

CBS News Recycles Obama Campaign Position That
Romney Took Obama’s Words Out Of Context


German Intel: Al-Qaida Rise In Syria

 Rush Limbaugh Slams UK Olympics Opening
Ceremony as ‘More Socialist’ Than China