Must Know Headlines


WH Press Corps Goes Seven Weeks Without A Question

Romney: If Your Priority In This Country Is To Punish Success Vote For Obama

Sikh Temple Shooting Already Being Blamed On Republicans

Prominent Jewish-Americans Jump Ship From Obama’s Campaign

Video Shows Occupy Vandals Smashing Windows
At Obama Campaign Headquarters

GSA Employees Paid Lavish Salaries, Generous Bonuses,
Excessive Overtime, Congressional Analysis Reveals

Barack Obama

President Obama Cheers Mars Rover Landing By Agency
Whose Planetary Exploration Budget He Slashed

Obama Hits 2 Reelection Fundraisers, $35,800 Per Head,
State Park Shutdown Just For Barry

See 70 Facts About Our Economy Obama Probably Doesn’t Want You To

 White House Considers Executive Order, Leaves Internet Takeover A Possibility

 Obama’s Drive To Disenfranchise Soldiers

Jackie Mason Rips Obama For Not Visiting Israel—
‘He Is In Egypt And He Couldn’t Cross The Street To Say Hello To Them?’


Obama Aides: President Has A “Genuine Disdain” For
Mitt Romney, “He’s No Goddamned War Hero”

Harry Reid Is Back At It… Helps Chinese Solar Firm Represented By His Son

Obama Campaign Mobile App Reveals Which Of
Your Neighbors Are Registered Dems

Obama Admin Funding Allows Abortion-Referral Clinic To Expand

Democrat-Activist Media

How The Obama Campaign/Media Alliance Works

AP: ‘Stronger Job Creation Could Help Obama’s Re-Election’

 AP Perverts The Truth: Lies About The Violence In Stockholm

CNN’s Piers Morgan: ‘You Shouldn’t Be Going
To Chick-Fil-A Just On Health Grounds’

Glee’s Jane Lynch: ‘F–k Chick-Fil-A’