16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Mass Mails Out 500K Voter Registration Forms To Welfare Recipients,
Effort Led By Former ACORN Execs And The NAACP

Corporate Welfare Cost Taxpayers $100 Billion In FY 2012

Pro-Obama PAC Lied – Woman Had Insurance After
Husband Lost Job At MO Steel Plant – She Died In 2006 (Video)

Obama Fast-Tracks Another Round Of “Green Energy” Projects

Taxpayers To Recover A Mere $24 Million From Solyndra; Networks Ignore


The Obama Administration Pays Illegal Aliens To Come Here

Emails Show Obama Administration Involvement
In Killing Non-Union Auto Pensions

Jarrett Ignores Questions On Terminated Non-Union Delphi Pensions

DNC War On Women Intensifies: Female Staffers Paid 15 Percent
Less Than Male Staffers, WFB Analysis Finds

Planned Parenthood Ignored Instruction To Call 911 In Black Abortion Death

Obama Campaign Launches False Attacks On Romney’s Welfare Record

Bill Clinton Hides Association With Brutal Tyrant

Alan Grayson Attacks Puerto Rican Republican
Quinones With Ethnic Stereotypes

Teachers Union Stoops To New Low

Barack Obama

Obama Schedule: Starts Day @ 10:35, Flies
To Colorado For 2 Campaign Events  

 Obama Fundraises Off The One Percent,
Toasts Hollywood’s Violent Content Merchants

Obama Hails NASA’s Mars Rover Program As He’s Cutting It 40%

Obama Courts Black Voters He Previously Ignored

  Obama Targets New Villain: Romney-Hood

Obama’s College Transcripts

Why Won’t Obama Release His College Transcripts?

Trump: Romney Must Turn Tables On Democrats Over Tax Returns

Democrat-Activist Media

Let’s See How Many In The Press Go After Obama
For Misery Inflicted On Delphi Salaried Workers

CNN Uses Sikh Shooting To Tackle Islamophobia —
Despite No Evidence Linking The Two

Tea Party Gains New Strength, Left Media Trots Out Old Hysteria

The History Lesson ABC’s Brian Ross Never Had


Man Who Claims He Was Assaulted For Being
Gay May Have Actually Injured Himself

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