Must Know Headlines


Abortion Doc Who Kills “Ugly Black Babies,” A Democrat Donor

CBO: Obamacare Will Leave 30 Million Uninsured

Obama’s Campaign Of Lies Reaches Despicable Low

Video: Anti-Romney Cancer Death Ad Steelworker Joe Soptic Admits
Bain Capital Offered Him A Buyout, His 401K Not Affected By Plant Closure

No, Romney Won’t Raise Your Taxes $2,000

Occupy Unmasked: Andrew Breitbart And
David Horowitz Take Center Stage

 Obama Nation

UPDATED: Obama White House Told GSA To ‘Stand-Down’ On Occupy Protesters

The Expanding Welfare State –Over 100 Million Now On Some Form Of Federal Welfare

 U.S. Military Officers Are Told To Plan To Fight Americans:
Extremist Militia Motivated By The Goals Of The ‘Tea Party’ Movement

U.S. Is A Welfare Magnet For Illegals Under Obama

Study: Census Data Show High Immigrant Participation On US Welfare Rolls

Arrested Illegals Who Were Released Charged W/ 16,226 Subsequent Crimes: Including
19 Murders, 142 Sex Crimes & Thousands Of Drunk-Driving Offenses,
Drug-Crimes And Felonies

Barack Obama

Polish President Blasts Obama On Missile Defense

Obama Campaign Speech: No Compromise On Abortion Mandate 

Why Is Obama Running An Ad For Planned Parenthood?

Obama Team LIED About Not Knowing Commercial’s Fake Cancer Story

Obama Schedule: Full Of Nothing Again

Allen West: Obama Dishonors Military With Ohio Voting Lawsuit 

Obama Complains That Michelle Doesn’t Make Money As First Lady

Seemingly Unaware His Super PAC Accused Romney Of Killing A Woman
With Cancer, Obama Decries GOP Super PACs For “Going Crazy”

Desperate Obama Scaring Woman Voters:
Romney Will Take Us Back To The 1950’s


Obama Campaign Aide Caught Lying Over Anti-Romney Ad

Oregon Business Owner Claims Liberal Customer
Slapped Him Over Anti-Obama Sign

 Dems Go Nuts Over Romney Welfare Ad

Man In Priorities USA Ad Featured In Obama Campaign Call, Ad :
Obama Campaign Officials Deny They Know ‘Specifics’ Of Man’s Story

 Fancy Feet: Watch Hillary Clinton Dance At South African State Dinner

Democrat-Activist Media

Politico Catches Obama Campaign In Lie… And Buries It

Boyle: Treasury Dept. Kills 20,000 Non-Union Pensions, Media Silent

Obama Guts Welfare Reform, But CNN Wields Liberal Talking Points to Say Otherwise

WaPo Is Wrong. Romney’s Ad On Obama Gutting Welfare Is Absolutely Correct

CNN Hits Another 20-Year Low; Time Warner CEO Pledges To “Fix It”

David Shuster: Romney Must Have Autism,
And Must Kill His Wife’s Horse With A Hammer?