Must Know Headlines


To Attack Ryan, Democrats Repeat 2011 ‘Lie Of The Year’

UNBELIEVABLE: Gibson Paid $2.4M In Legal Fees, Then Cleared
By DOJ But Had To Pay Additional $350k Settlement

Video: 65 Year Old Woman Fires Off Shots Thwarting
Hoodied Gang Robbery In Its Tracks

Summer Death Toll: America’s War Dead The Media No Longer Count

Romney/Ryan 2012

Ryan Candidacy Puts Debts, Deficits Front And Center

Romney-Ryan 2012: ‘We Won’t Replace Our
Founding Principles…We Will Reapply Them’

Full Remarks: Paul Ryan Introduced As Mitt Romney’s Running Mate

Debt Up $6.35T Since Ryan Predicted–
In 2008-U.S. Was Headed Toward Bankruptcy

 VP Pick Paul Ryan Talks Sound Money

Flashback: Ryan Schools CBS’ O’Donnell As She Tries To Mock Him

Barack Obama

Today, Obama Hits 5 Reelection Fundraisers

Obama Signs Bill Exempting
Presidential Appointees From Senate Confirmation

Obama’s Predictable First Shot At Ryan

 New Obama Attack Ad: Romney-Ryan Want To Cut Aid
To Immigrant Children And The Elderly (Video)

Media, Obama Camp (Same Thing), Sharpening Claws For Ryan

 Is The Obama Campaign Sending Out Random
Texts To Americans’ Cell Phones?

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC’s Shrill Elitist Rachel Maddow Finds It “Offensive” Romney
And Ryan Kicked Off Their Campaign Aboard The USS Wisconsin

NY Times Magazine Asks: “What’s So Bad
About A Boy Who Wants To Wear A Dress?”

Hollywood Reporter Claims ‘Hard-Right’ Ryan Favors
‘Repealing The New Deal, And Then Some’

CNN’s Crowley: Romney/Ryan Is A ‘Ticket Death Wish’

Andrea Mitchell: Paul Ryan Not A Pick For
Suburban Moms, Not A Pick For Women


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