Must Know Headlines


Paging Eric Holder— New Black Panther (Obama Supporting Democrats):
We Must Create Military To Murder Babies And Skin White People

 New Black Panthers Also Threaten RNC Convention:
‘Our Feet Will Be On Your Mother Fucking Necks’

 Eric Holder (D): Racial Preferences Needed For … National Security

Rural Utilities Create Zero Jobs Despite $47 Million In Stimulus Funding

 Romney Promises Energy Independence By End Of Second Term


ILLEGAL Immigration

Obama Executive Order Gives 1.7 Million Illegals
Status, Work Permits & So Much More

 Obama Administration Laid Out Final Details,
Including Relaxed Education Standards That Set A Low Bar

Obama Immigration Amnesty To Include Middle School Dropouts

Always Drinking Barry

President Obama Cranks Up The American Welfare State

Obama Pledged His Medicare Cuts Are Here To Stay

U.S. Special Forces Group Rips Obama For
Bragging He Killed Bin Laden, Intel Leaks

Flashback Videos: Obama Attacked McCain For Wanting
To Cut Medicare To Pay For Health Care [Updated]

What Has President Obama Done to Earn Your Vote?

BO Starts His Day @ 12:25, Hit’s 2 Campaign Events

Beer-Drinking Drunk Barack Charms Iowa Zombies At The Bud Tent

Owner Complains Obama’s Beer Tent Stop Cost Him $25,000

Flashback:  Barack Obama Should Drink Less Alcohol
And Try Harder To Kick His Smoking Habit, His Team Of Doctors Warned


Miss Bush Yet??


Dems Ask Debate Organizers To Disallow
Questions About Obama’s Deficit Commission

Do Democrats Know Obama Cut Medicare?

Muslim Missouri Democratic Party Caucus Chairman Launches 9-11 Truth PAC

Obama/Dems Liked Paul Ryan’s Plan Before They Hated it

 Clueless Obama Administration Spins Muslim
Brotherhood’s Consolidation Of Power

Rudy Giuliani: There’s A Real Fear Biden Does Not Have
The “Mental Capacity” For President (Video)

Most Nasty Presidential Campaign Ever

Biden: Romney Administration “Going To Put Y’all Back In Chains”
—Obama Campaign Fine With Remarks

Obama Campaign: Ryan ‘Kisses The Ring’ Of Jewish Megadonor Adelson 

Team Obama Attacks Self-Made Billionaire Raised By Poor Jewish Immigrants

 Romney To Obama: ‘Take Your Campaign Of Division
And Anger And Hate Back To Chicago’

 Democrat-Activist Media

Politico Equates Obama Attacks With Romney Self-Defense

Chris Matthews’ Favorite Campaign Ad Is Paul Ryan Murdering Granny

Embarrassed HuffPo Retracts Claim Fox News ‘Doctored’ Romney Gaffe Video

Soledad O’Brien Caught Reading Liberal Blog
During Heated Debate With Romney Adviser

HBO’s ‘Newsroom’ Distorts Weinergate, Villifies Woman Who Came Forward

NBC News: Paul Ryan BALLOONED The Deficit By Voting For “The Bush Tax Cuts”

Reporter Whines About ‘Stunning’ Mistreatment By Paul Ryan Campaign


Egypt Begins Descent Into Tyranny

B.S. Of A.’s Matt Fisher Details Insurance Nightmare: ‘The Guy Who
Killed My Sister Was Defended By Progressive’s Legal Team’

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