Must Know Headlines


 Kill ‘All White’ Men, Women, Babies, Blind, Cripple, Faggots,
Lesbians & Old Crackers, Says New Black Panthers Vile Radio
Opening; Then ‘Dig ’Em Up’ & ‘Kill ’Em Again’

Allen West: Democrats Are ‘Afraid Of Black Conservatives’

Judicial Watch Sues DOJ And DHS For Records About
Legal Basis Of Obama’s New “Amnesty” Program

Thousands Of Federal Retirees Receive Pensions Over $100K Per Year

Gang Rape Jihad In COLORADO –Five Iraqi’s Arrested


Before Shooting: Southern Poverty Law Center
Put Family Research Council On ‘Hate Map’

HuffPo Attacks Family Research Council
As ‘Hate Group’ Even After Shooting

FBI: Shooter Opens Fire On Conservatives, Had 15 Chick-Fil-A Sandwiches

Shooter Told Family Research Council: I Don’t Like Your Politics—
Media & Dems Still Unsure If Shooting Was Political

FRC Tony Perkins: ‘Reckless Rhetoric Led To Yesterday’s Incident’

Navy SEALs

Navy SEALs To Obama: You Didn’t Kill Osama – We Did.
You Leaked Our Secrets To Terrorists (MUST SEE VIDEO)


Obama-Approved Media Matters: Navy SEALs ‘Gutless’

Navy SEAL Responds After Media Matters Staffer
Says Obama-Critical SEALs ‘Don’t Have Guts’

Barack Obama

Obama Demands Mitt Release More Tax Records …
(But He Still Won’t Release His Own College Records)

America’s First Post-Racial President Has
Damaged Race Relations In The Nation

 Obama’s GM ‘Success Story’ Headed For Bankruptcy

Life In The Obama Economy: Weakest Recovery In Decades

Ex-Obama Pal Decodes Joe Biden’s Racial-Speak For Other Americans

Obama Sticking With Biden- Obama Spokesman Knocks
Palin In Rejecting VP Advice From McCain

Dirty Campaign Is Best Obamaland Has To Offer

Mitt Romney

Romney Camp ‘Discussing’ Racial Slam With MSNBC Execs 

Romney Busts Out The White Board On Medicare

Romney: I Paid At Least 13% In Taxes For The Last Ten Years

 Romney’s Bain Saved Site Of Obamas’ First Kiss 


How Did Harry Reid Get Rich? His Career In Public Service
Has Ended Up Being Remarkably Lucrative

 Biden’s Pal, Donor Gets $20M Federal Loan To Open
Foreign Luxury Car Dealership In Ukraine

Biden Staff Trying To CENSOR Pool Press Reports 

What Democrats Mean When They Say ‘Radical’

“Tea Party Is Racist” Al Sharption Defends
Joe Biden On Chains Comment

Fear and Shame On The Campaign Trail #2:
The Week Of The Dumb Democrats

Democrat-Activist Media

Lawrence O’Donnell: ‘I Strongly Suspect’ This Romney Character Is A Felon

MSNBC Host: Mitt Is A Tax ‘Criminal,‘ Made ’Stupid’,
’Amateur,’ Mistake & His Wife Is Angry

MSNBC’s Touré: Romney Engaged In ‘Niggerization’ Of Obama

CNN And TIME Both Reinstate Fareed Zakaria Less
Than A Week After Being Caught Plagiarizing

CNN’s O’Brien Continues Challenging Attempt
To Spin Away ‘Chains’ Controversy

Media Decide No ‘National Dialogue’ On Civility Needed After
FRC Shooting; WaPo Calls It A ‘Scuffle,’
Ideology Ignored; Update: Media Embargoes Shooting

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