Must Know Headlines


Economic Freedom IS Worth Fighting For

 Not Sure If You Care… But Paul Ryan Just Released His Tax Returns

Ohio: Violent Black Teen Flash Mob Viciously
Beat White Man Unconscious [Photo]

Al-Qaeda In Iraq Kills 404 People During Month Of Ramadan,
Only A Single Day Without A Terror Attack

Afghan Policeman Kills Two U.S. Troops
Minutes After They Hand Him A Gun

Unemployment Rates Rose In 44 U.S. States In July

ILLEGAL Immigration Destroys US

Obama Unconstitutionally Gives ILLEGALS WORK PERMITS

Arizona’s Governor Brewer: I’m Not Going To Sit Back
And Let My Country Go To Hell

Nebraska Follows Arizona: No Benefits For ‘Deferred’ Immigrants

Thanks Obama: ILLEGALS Go On Bus Tour Chanting “No Papers,
No Fear” & Proudly Declaring “I’m Undocumented”

Barack Obama 

 Campaign 101: Obama Wants $25 Billion to Prevent Teacher Layoffs

Pro-Obama Protester Spits On Romney Supporter;
Romney Supporter Slaps Her

 Tax Return Offer Proves Obama Is Master Of Distraction


Romney Charitable Giving Has Vastly Outpaced Obama’s

 400 Independent Economists Support Romney’s Plan

Morello Rages Against Ryan, Misstates VP Candidate’s Views


All Planned Parenthood Charges Dropped
After Sebelius (D) Document Shredding

 Book: Reid Used Kennedy’s Brain Cancer To Beg For Stimulus Votes

Secret Service Bought Cupcakes To Thank Baker For Turning Down Biden

Democrat-Activist Media

In Latest Interview Media Asks Obama Hard-Hitting Questions Like:
What’s Your Favorite New Mexican Food?… What’s a Good Workout Song? (Audio)

Evan Thomas Invokes ‘Death Panels,’ Should Imitate European Health Care

New York Times Plagiarizes Anti-Adelson Language From Obama Campaign

More Ryan Fallout: CNN Moves Wisconsin To ‘Toss Up State’

Piers Morgan Invokes FRC Shooting To Cry For More Gun Control

CNN Promises Unbiased Convention Coverage—
MSNBC President Calls CNN “Desperate”

VIDEO Breathtaking Pro-Jihad, Anti-Israel Bias At CBS San Francisco


Julian Assange’s Sordid Ego Trip