Must Know Headlines


Obama’s Nuclear Strike On American Workers: The Disastrous Impact Of
The President’s Amnesty Policy Begins

How Obamacare’s $716 Billion In Cuts Will Drive Doctors Out Of Medicare

Crony Socialism Is Still With Us

Study: Top 8 States That Gave Most To Charity
All Red, Bottom 7 That Gave Least All Blue

Israel, America Bashed at Iranian-Inspired DC Rally


Democrats Spent $1.5 Mil To Help Akin Win GOP Primary

Obama, McCaskill, Funded Group Failing To Report Child Rape

Slanderous Senator Barb: Romney & Ryan Same
As Akin, All Trying To Redefine Rape

ObamaTax: Taking A Look At 18 ObamaCare Tax Hikes

Obamanomics: Almost 500,000 Federal Workers Make Over $100,000

Barack Obama

‘I Don’t Take These Folks Too Seriously’:
Obama Dismisses SEAL Group Attacks

Obama Withdraws Troops From Iraq, Iraq Begins Helping Iran

Obama Knocks Romney For Not Releasing
Medical Records, Hasn’t Disclosed His Own

Obama Meets The Press And Makes Stuff Up

Obama: ‘You Can’t Just Make Stuff Up.
That’s One Thing You Learn As President’

America’s National Security Takes A Back
Seat To Obama’s Political Survival

Obama Schedule: Flies Around The Nation For Campaign Events

Obama, DNC Spending Exceeded Donations In July

Mitt Romney

Romney Backs Audit For Fed, Vows
 To Not Raise Taxes On Middle Class

More Than 500 Economists, 5 Nobel Laureates
Back Romney’s Economic Strategy

Economists For Romney

LIAR Obama: Nobody Accused Mitt Romney Of Being A Felon

Democrat-Activist Media

WH Press Marks End Of Obama’s Two-Month Evasion With Softballs

‘Hunger Games’ Blu-ray Review: Perfect Allegory
Of Relationship Between Obama And Hollywood

Mark Levin Says AP Reporter Jim Kuhnhenn A Sick SOB
For Despicable Question To Obama About Akin

DUers, Kossacks Go Berserk Over Newsweek Obama Cover

NBC Hypes GOP In ‘Hot Water’ With ‘High-Profile Distractions

Ed Schultz: Augusta Should Have Admitted Michelle Obama
And Hillary Clinton Instead Of Condi Rice


Occupy Movement To Protest Conventions

More OWS Photos The Lib, Obama Loving Media Don’t Want You To See