Must Know Headlines


Let The Democrats Celebrate Abortion At Their Convention

Police: Woman Faked Gruesome Anti-Gay Attack To Spark Change
— May Have Even Carved Gay Slurs Into Own Skin

Petition Urges Obama To “Disinvite Bill Clinton From DNC Convention
 Over His History Of Abusing Women”

 Todd Akin

Sarah Palin: Todd Akin Should Withdraw
Or We’ll Run A Third Party For Senate In Missouri

GOP Pulls Campaign Funds From Akin

Democrats Attack, Attempt To Tie Akin To House GOP Opponents

Bill Clinton Has The Real ‘Rape’ Problem

Barack Obama

Has Obama Been Asked About The Big Sis Sexual Harassment Scandal?

Obama Blew Half A Million In Stimulus Cash To Run Pro-Obama Ads On MSNBC

DNC Refuses To Reimburse Town For Overtime Costs During Obama Visit

Convicted BP Agents Would Qualify For Amnesty Under Obama Plan

Five Ways Obama Is Hurting The Middle Class

Politics Of Racial Division: Hillary
And Obama Ignoring Genocide Against Whites

President Obama Has Media Over A Barrel


 Madeleine Albright Campaigning For Obama:
How Long Are We Going To Blame Bush? Forever!

Labor Department Spends Stimulus Funds
For Ads During Olbermann, Maddow Shows

Oh Look – The New Financial Protection Bureau Is Wasting Tons Of Money

WAR ON WOMEN: Steinem, NOW Chapters Slam DNC
For ‘Discrimination Against Mothers’ During Charlotte Convention

Senate Dems Betray Lilly: Senate Democrats Pay Female
Staffers Less Than Male Staffers

Why Are Democrats Playing Host To Islamic
Supremacists At The Charlotte Convention?

Holder Justice Department Recruits Dwarfs,
Schizophrenics, And The ‘Intellectually Disabled’

 Democrat-Activist Media

Entertainment Media Ignores Obama’s Brother
Seeking Help From Anti-Obama Filmmaker

Media Completely Ignores Democrats Pushing Out Pro-Lifers

Jake Tapper: Media ‘Tipped The Scales’ For Obama In ’08

Mark Halperin Admits The Media Are Helping
Obama On Romney Tax Return Issue

CBS Morning Show Ignores Obama’s False Reply On
Campaign’s Felony Charge Against  Romney

Will Media Be As Outraged By Nonprofits Attacking
Koch Brothers As They Are  Those Targeting Obama?

Media Fact Checkers Shill For Obama’s Gutting Of Welfare Reform

NBC/WSJ Poll Shows Romney Support Among Blacks
At Zero Percent — Should It Be Taken Seriously?

New York Times “Remixes”, Photoshops And Calls It News

Former Newsweek Editor Howard Fineman:
‘Todd Akin Is The Paul Ryan Of Missouri’


First Lady Is ‘Guest Editor’ For Website That Offers Sexually Explicit Content