Must Know Headlines


Michelle Obama: ‘Get To The Polls On November The 2’

CBO Analysis Of The “Fiscal Cliff” Shows That
The Economic Situation Has Worsened This Year

GM Goes From Bad To Worse Despite Obama Bailout 

Mexican Cartels ‘Increasingly’ Corrupting DHS Employees To Smuggle
Aliens From Countries ‘Likely to Export Terrorism’

Environmental Regulations Hit Manufacturing Hardest


Obama Surrogates Opposed Mandatory Sentences For Child Rapists

Holder Allowing Key Fast & Furious Official To Take Paid Leave With
6 Figure Salary For Snother 6 Figure Job At JP Morgan

Your Health:  Obama-Biden And Government Unions

Rumor Of The Day: Joe Biden To Attend Republican Convention;
Update: Rumor Confirmed

Democrats Finally Come Up With
Convention Theme – It’s An Abortion Festival!

Let The Democrats Celebrate Abortion At Their Convention

 Media Quit Belly Akin, Planned Parenthood Tolerates Statutory Rape

Sandra Fluke, Planned Parenthood Chief, Desperate Housewife
Set To Speak At DNC Convention

Sandra Fluke Shills For Obama And Begs For Campaign Donations

Barack Obama

Obama To Fundraise With Maker Of Pro-Drugs “Stop Snitchin” Video

Obama Schedule Full Of NOTHING:  Thursday, August 23, 2012

Obama Officials Tied To Big Bucks In ‘Stimulus’

Obama Spells Ohio Oiho –WaPo Lapdog
Launches False Photoshop Defense

FLASHBACK: Obama Says He’s ‘Pro-Choice’ On Third-Trimester Abortions 

President Obama’s Medicare Plan

Obama Sets Up Private Equity As Bogeyman 

Democrat-Activist Media

AP-GfK Presidential Poll Cooking Ends Hiatus, Naturally Oversamples Dems

Media Ignores Democrats’ Anti-Semitism, Underage Sex

Media Credibility Hits New Lows

LA Times Column Prioritizes Talking Points Over Basic Math

Networks Won’t Air Ann Romney Convention Speech

Breaking Previous Pledge, Democrats Won’t Disclose Convention
Donors Until  October; WaPo Buries Story

Terry McMillan: ‘White Men’ Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Legislate Women’s Issues

Networks Obsess Over Akin For 21 Minutes, Hype Link To GOP

Politico Caught With Pants Down Over GOP Skinny-Dipping Story