Must Know Headlines


Think College Is Expensive Now? Wait Until ObamaCare

Jobless Claims ‘Unexpectedly’ Rose Again

Nebraska, Mississippi Join Arizona: Deny Licenses And
Benefits To Illegals Getting Obama Amnesty

Government Regulation Slowing Energy Jobs And Economic Growth

Million-Dollar Racial Incitement Against Law-Abiding Poll Watchers

Afghan Forces Turning Against Their U.S. Trainers

Barack Obama

Chart: SKYROCKETING Gas Prices Under Obama

Obama Camp Claims It Created More Jobs Than Reagan

Clinton Lies In New Obama Ad

Seattle Stuck With $100K Security Bill While Obama Rakes In $1.75 Million

Obama Campaign Refuses To Drop ‘Radical’ Rabbi: Controversial
Figure Dined With Ahmadinejad, Called For Boycott Of Israel

Obama’s Labor Dept. Makes An Awful Ad Buy With YOUR Stimulus Money

Obama B-Ball Is CLOSED To The Press

Border Insecurity

Arizona Sheriff: Border Is A Mess, Union Rules Hamper Border Patrol Work

UNREAL – ICE Agents Suing Homeland Security Over
Being Disciplined For Obeying Federal Law

Trumka Slams ICE Union-Led Lawsuit Against Obama Administration



Anderson Cooper Grills Debbie Wasserman-Schultz:
Why Are You Lying About Romney’s Position On Abortion?

Remember The Ladies: DNC Quickly Becoming Giant Pro-Choice Rally 

You’d Think The Dems Would Forgive Akin His Ignorance On Rape–
He Does Not Have Anywhere Near Their Hands-On Experience

First Lady Credits President For Drop In Number Of Unemployed Vets
– But, Number EMPLOYED Fell Even More

Michelle Obama: ‘Get To The Polls On November The 2′

Senator Famous For Joking About Rape Campaigns For Obama, Biden

Watchdog: ACORN Back With 174 Rebranded Affiliates

This Dismal Chart Demonstrates What The Obama Budget
Will Do To The National Debt In 4 Years

Soros-Funded Marxists To “Occupy The RNC”

Left Launches Personal Attacks On Artur Davis

Democrat-Activist Media

Partisan ‘New Yorker’ Article On Obama Fundraising
Filled With Omissions, Sloppy Reporting

Think CNN Will Get Around To Covering That Dem Lawmaker
Who Had Sex With A 17-Year-Old Boy At A Rest Stop?

HuffPo Piece Calls For End Of Chick-Fil-A Bowl Game,
Portrays Company As Oppressive

Report: Media Elites Heavy Donors To Obama Campaign

BuzzFeed Accuses Romney of Ginning Up ‘Race War’

CNN Hires Liberal Spurlock, Ignores Own Growing Bias Problem

NYTimes Falsely Reports Ryan Tried To ‘Restrict the Definition Of Rape’

Journo-Tools For Obama


Kentucky: Iraqi National Pleads Guilty To Supporting Al-Qaida