Must Know Headlines


Look Who’s Behind ‘Voter ID Is Racist’ Campaign

Artur Davis’s Conversion: The Former Democratic
Congressman Is A Threat To His Old Party

Artur and Barry.

DNC Chair Antonio Villaraigosa:
Republicans “Can’t Just Trot Out A Brown Face”

New Auto Efficiency Regs: Special Interests Win, Consumers Lose

Illegal Aliens In Foster Care Have Long Received Amnesty

Obama DHS Frees Illegal Alien “Dreamers” Arrested For Violent Crimes

Maybe Dennis Miller Should Represent
The RNC For All Future MSNBC Interviews


‘Hating Breitbart’ Premieres Today At RNC

Three Doors Down Performs At Republican National Convention

Nikki Haley’s Speech To The 2012 Republican National Convention

Artur Davis: The President Cannot Run On His Record In 2012

Ex-Obama Ally Artur Davis Uses Convention Speech To
Ask Other Democrats To Leave Party Too

 Mia Love Rocks The House At RNC Convention (Video)

RNC Protesters: Pushing The Narrative:
On The Ground, Their Behavior Is Pure Alinsky

Santorum Attacks Obama For Waiving Welfare Work Requirement

RNC Moment of Silence To Honor Andrew Breitbart And Right Wing Heroes

Barack Obama

Obama’s Sneaky, Deadly, Costly Car Tax

How Can A President Presiding Over The Worst Unemployment Situation
Since The Great Depression Have No Jobs Plan For His Next Term?

The Lamest Defense Of Obama Yet

Abortion Survivor Rips Obama On Infanticide Support In New Ad

For Obama, The Perfect Storm

New Obama Ad Tries Hard To Make Paul Ryan Really Outdated And Scary

Obama Counters GOP Convention Coverage With Campus Tour

Sugar Daddy In Chief: Obama Using Executive Authority
To Entice Key Constituencies

-$12 million in transportation funding for Ohio
-$170 million in federal aid to Iowa farmers
– $70 million in military aid to Israel
-Work permits for young illegal immigrants
-Free birth control

Democrat-Activist Media

AP Undoes Its Own ‘Fact Check’ On D’Souza’s ‘2016: Obama’s America’

Juan Williams: Ann Romney Looked Like A
‘Corporate Wife’ Whose ‘Husband Takes Care Of Her’

Chris Christie Schools George Stephanopoulos &
His Democratic Talking Points

Joy Behar: People Like Romney and Ryan Are ‘Trying To Kill Us’

Media Salivates For Split Screen Convention

Herman Cain Cancels MSNBC Appearance Due To ‘Coded Racial Accusations’

MSNBC Fears Romney Has White Appeal