Must Know Headlines


BOOM! – Mia Love: I Don’t Care What The Left Says About Me,
Bring It On! I’m Here To Save This Country For My Kids

Palin To Romney: Time To ‘Quit Preaching To The Choir’

We Are ‘Not Zero Percent’: Young Black
Romney-Supporters Prove NBC-WSJ Poll Wrong

The Condensed Liberal Handbook Of Racial Code Words

For Unions, Labor Day Is About Grabbing More Power

White Man Says He Was Beaten Savagely By Group
Of Blacks For Dating African-American

US Scales Down Joint Military Drill With Israel,
Sending 1,500 Troops Rather Than 5,000

Barack Obama

Obama Speech To Soldiers Met With Silence

Obama Campaigns As Red State Drowns;
Seven Rallies Before Louisiana Visit

Five Times Obama Has Apologized For America

President Obama Marks End Of Iraq Combat
Operations With Portrait Of Himself

Obama’s Home Town Chicago: At least 10 People Shot
 82 Killed Or Injured In Last Week

Clint Got Under Obama’s Skin

Confirmed: Prez Obama Has Lost His Mind:
Republican Voters ‘Often Agree With Me’


Confirmed: Line-Up Of Speakers At
Democratic Convention Is Simply Terrible

Obama’s Regulatory Agenda Goes Undercover

Paper: Netanyahu Frustrated With Obama Shouts
‘Time Has Run Out’ At U.S. Ambassador

DNC Erecting Creepy Giant Obama Sculpture

Michelle Obama Presents Course: ‘Supermarket Shopping 101’
Don’t Forget Your EBT:

‘Out Of Touch’ – Rebuke Of Clinton And Obama
From The Heart Of A Fallen SEAL Mother

Democrat-Activist Media

Stephanopoulos Doesn’t Believe There Is A Bias In The Media

Colby King: GOP Only Has Blacks At Conventions
To Sing ‘God Bless America’ Or Lead Prayer ‘The GOP Wants To Take
Women Back To The Back Alley’

NBC’s Todd And Brokaw: Romney Is Looking
‘Backwards’ To Less ‘Inclusive’ Past

Unhinged Crank Chris Matthews Gets Into Heated Exchange With
GOP Delegates …Update: MSNBC Producer Involved In Shoving Match

Sharpton: Eastwood Speech ‘Offensive,’ ‘Demeaning’

NBC Reporter Mocks Romney For Not Believing
‘Man-Made Global Warming’ Creates Hurricanes

“Morning Joe” Co-Hosts Regret Chris Matthews’
Outburst Against RNC Chair

MSNBC’s Touré Neblett Reacts To Ryan’s Speech: For Women
And Minorities, ‘Our Rights Do Not Come From God Or Nature’

NBC – Leftist Meme Factory