Must Know Headlines


Senior FAA Officials Accused Of Telling Workers
‘Job Security’ At Risk If GOP Wins

WSJ’s Strassel: Romney Should Debunk ‘Bizarre’ Democrat
Argument Bush Tax Policy Caused Recession

New Black Panthers At Voting Booths Again?

Strike: Obama’s Chicago In Chaos As Teachers Walk Out On Needy Kids

Behind The Unemployment Numbers: It’s Worse Than You Can Imagine

Chinese Suspected Of Spying On U.S. Strategic Missile Base In Wyoming 

Who Is Dumber, Joe Biden Or Barack Obama? 

Pizza Owner Who Bear-Hugged Obama Reportedly
Visited The White House In July

Obama/Biden Cozy Up To Blue Collar Voters


Southern Poverty Law Center Calls ‘Occupy’ Terrorists ‘The Radical Right’

Democrats Omit The Truth In Their Attacks on Paul Ryan Over Simpson-Bowles

Democrats Still $15 Million In The Hole For Convention

Hamas, The Democratic Party’s New Friends, Launch Rocket Into Israeli Home

Ten Things I Learned From The Democrat Convention

Housing Arsonist Clinton Now Portrayed As Heroic Firefighter

Abortion Clinic’s Shocking Sign: Good Women Have Abortions

Dem Senator Walks Out On Interview When Asked Why She Won’t Debate Opponent

Barack Obama

Obama’s Communist Party Endorsement

Obama Debates Whether Nicki Minaj Endorsed
Romney On Morning Radio

Obama Makes Birther Joke To Child

Obama Moves To Copy GOP On Medicare

Why Is Obama Still Likable?

Democrat-Activist Media

Racist Obama Makes Yet Another Birth Certificate Joke;
Media Giggle-Swoon, Slam Romney 

AP: Obama’s Opponents Are Racists, They Just Don’t Know It

Gregory Pushes Romney To ‘Cut A Deal With Democrats
Rhat Would Cause  Conservatives To Revolt’

Corrupt Media Continues To Cover Up Obama’s Solyndra Disaster

Media Blackout: GAO Says Obama’s Welfare Waivers Illegal

Math Is Hard: People Flee Workforce, But ‘Morning Joe’ Sees ‘Good News’

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