Must Know Headlines


Obama Talks ‘Crunches’ With Olympians
While US Embassies Are Being Overrun

Flashback: Hillary Clinton Pledges To “Shame” And
“Pressure” Americans Who Denigrate Islam

Allen West: What You See Coming From Obama Is
Called “Dhimmitude” To The Islamic World

KFC And Hardee’s Torched In Lebanon As Deadly Protests
Sweeping Muslim World Now Target ANY Symbol Of America (PHOTOS)

Written By Former Brotherhood Member, Now Peace Activist:
 This Will Be Another Attempt To Change The Laws Globally

Obama Built That

Obama Had Advance Knowledge Of Mideast Attacks:
 Made NO Effort To Protect U.S. Government Personnel

Krauthammer: This Is A Meltdown Of Obama’s Middle East Policy

Report: State Dept. Had ‘Credible Information’ 48 Hours Prior
To Libya Consulate Attack But Failed To Act

Obama Administration Still Not Ready To Call Benghazi A Terror Attack

Bloody Hand Prints At Consulate Reveal Americans
Were Dragged From Building Before Their Death

Muslim Brotherhood Praises Jihad Against US On Twitter And Official Website

Obama Wimps Out, Marines Sidelined Again In Libya


Report: Obama Admin Was Warned Consulate
Might Come Under Attack, Did Nothing

Pelosi (D): I Still Support U.S. Aid To Egypt

Feds Hunt Down Filmmaker Behind Anti-Muslim Video – UPDATED

When Tax ‘Fairness’ Means Only What The Left Says It Does

EPA Sends Plagiarized Email For Hispanic Heritage Month,
Featuring A Picture Of Che Guevara

DNC Delegates Define The Tea Party: ‘Backwards, Wack Job People’

Barack Obama

Obama Is A Spokesmodel For Tyranny

Not All Obama Bundlers Are On His Public List

Mr. President, Mitt Romney Is Not The Enemy:
Al Qaeda Is. Please Inform Your Ministry Of Truth.

Obama Expands ATF’s Right To Seize Guns Without Due Process

Obama: ‘I Stand Up For Foreign Aid’ To Answer ‘Biblical Call’

Democrat-Activist Media

ABC, CBS, NBC Devote More Time (20 To 1)
To Romney Flap Than Obama Mideast Mistakes

CBS News President: Seriously, We’re Not Biased

Film Industry Vet Helping FBI Locate Filmmakers Behind Anti-Muslim Movie

Bette Midler Wants Anti-Muslim Filmmaker Charged With Murder

Kanye West Raps: ‘Mitt Romney Don’t Pay No Tax’

Samuel L. Jackson’s New Ad: ‘Wake the F–k Up, Vote for Obama’

50 Cent Officially Endorses Barack Obama For President

HYPOCRITE! Joe Scarborough “We’re Biased, But It’s ROMNEY’S FAULT”

MSNBC President Says Network Praises Republicans
While Fox Never Praises Democrat