Must Know Headlines


U.S. Credit Rating Downgraded After Fed Pumps More Money

Oversampling Dems Puts Obama In Lead

Hard Truths For Hispanic And African-American Voters

Judicial Watch Sues Obama Justice Department To
Obtain ‘Fast and Furious’ Records Withheld from Congress

Two US Marines Killed in Taliban Attack On Prince Harry Base

Sequestration’s Military Cuts

 If Obama IS Reelected, Expect Much More Of This:
US Navy Unlawfully Downsizing/Breaking Contracts, Forcing Out Thousands

House Votes To Make Obama Submit Own Plan To Stop Sequester

Obama Proposes $129M Cut From ‘Embassy Security,
Construction, And Maintenance’

New Administration Report Gives Few
Details On Sequestration’s Military Cuts

Obama Built That

Obama Flashback: The Day I’m Inaugurated
The Muslim World Will Look At The U.S. Differently

US Official: Nuclear Bomb Is Our Red Line

With Obama Policy Crumbling, White House
Blames Movie For Mideast Unrest

Evidence Suggests Sophisticated Assault In Libya Timed For 9/11

In One Week Islamic Flags Fly At US Embassies In Egypt,
Tunisia, Yemen – Libyan Consulate Destroyed

WHITE HOUSE: Protests Not Directed At The United States

 Obama State Department Says It Won’t Answer Any More
Questions About The Attack On Our Consulate In Libya

Hillary Celebrates End Of Ramadan A State Department With Libyan Ambassador

LA Sheriff: Feds Interview Calif. Filmmaker

US Embassy’s Breached In Sudan & Tunisia
–Report: Rioters Provided Buses By Sudan Govt.

Mob Gathers Outside U.S. Embassy In London

Latest Video From Middle East

Australians Shocked By Muslim Men And Kids’ Signs:

Barack Obama

Obama Team: Shameless, Lawless, And Clueless

Team Obama: See What China’s Propagandists And
Disinformation Specialists Say About Romney!

Obama: Detention OK For 1st Amendment ‘Activities’

“Citizenship” and President Obama’s Scheme To Force His Agenda

Ryan Tags Obama On Abortion: “Never Lifted A Finger” To Help Unborn

Democrat-Activist Media

Name That Party: Politico Omits Democratic Affiliation Of
Md. Legislator Who Tried to Silence Gay Marriage Backer

Chris Matthews: Romney “Arrogant” To Run Against Obama,
Shows “Certain Kind Of Disdain” For Obama

TIME Magazine: Anti-Islam Filmmakers Are
‘Islamophobic’ But Deadly Rioters Just ‘Orthodox Muslims’

MRC Exposes Media’s Coordinated Attack On Romney

George Stephanopoulos Taunts Romney:
‘You’re Falling Behind’; ‘Why Aren’t You Doing Better?’

As  Middle East Attacks On US Intensify, Politico Focuses On Critiquing GOP

CNN: Black Flag Not Al Qaeda, Just ‘Affirmation Of Faith’

**Insta-Fact Check** Foreign Policy Fiasco Exposes ObamaMedia

Reuters Notes Anniversary of ‘Failed’ OWS Born With Extreme MSM Hype

Rabbi: Media Outlets Engaged In ‘Blood Libel’ By Falsely Reporting
Jewish Director Made Anti-Muhammed Film

NBC Apologizes To Affiliates, Not Public, For 9/11 Miscue


Top 10 Liberal Race Cards

WI Judge Strikes Down Union Law

New Tone: Teamsters Prez James Hoffa: Tea Party Is
The New John Birch Society, GOP Like The Khmer Rouge

Texas School District Doesn‘t See ’Obama Flag’ In Classroom As Political

$15 Million Construction Project Shut Down to Protect One Spider


Love Of Allah Fueled Capitol Suicide Bomb Plot