Must Know Headlines


Mitt Romney Right: Dependency Subverts Democracy

 Coulter: Romney Was Right That Obama
Supporters Are Dependent On Govt

Index Of Dependence On Government Jumps For The Fourth Year In A Row

Selective Edit? Mother Jones Admits Romney
Tape Missing ‘One To Two Minutes’

 CNBC Poll: 75% Agree With Romney’s 47% Comments

The Fed’s Ticking Inflation Bomb

The Redistribution States Of America?

Report: Median Income Worse Now Than It Was During Great Recession

West Virginia Miners: ‘We Want To Not Be Forgotten’

President Obama

President Obama’s War On Coal:
Coal Company Facing Aggressive Regulations Announces 1,200 Layoffs

Obama Regulations Kill Ohio Coal Mine, Hundreds Of Jobs Wiped Out

Regulatory Tsunami To Hit Business If Obama Wins Second Term

Index Of Dependence On Government Jumps For The Fourth Year In A Row

Pat Buchanan: Obama Is The Drug Dealer Of Welfare
Who Wants Permanent Dependence On government

More Than 20,000 Non-Union Delphi Employees That Have Seen Their
Pensions Wiped Out By The Government-Directed Bankruptcy

Union Members Were Made Whole At The Expense
Of Non-Union Employees In Auto Bankruptcy

School Dist. Spends $200k To Comply With Obama Amnesty

Dem Rep: Unionize 12 Million Illegals

Obama’s Feds Won’t Arrest All Illegal Aliens Detained Under New Ariz. Law

President Obama Claims: “We Stand For Religious Freedom”


Che Guevara The Butcher: Violent Hatred Is Not
Something To Emulate — Or Wear On A T-shirt

Why Do So Many Students Hate Capitalism And America? TheBlaze Speaks
Author Of New Book That Criticizes Colleges For Teaching Victimhood

Military Flaunts ‘Gay Marriage’ In State Where It’s Illegal

The Justice Department’s Tracy Schmaler
And 3 Characteristics Of Political Thugs

Romney’s “Secret Video” And The Dem Politics Of “Squirrel!”

Pelosi: Unemployment Checks Fastest Way To Create Jobs (2012)

Barack Obama Cont’d

Report: Top Obama Bundlers Bag Millions In Taxpayer Money

Obama Calls For ‘Democracy With A Small D’

Must See Video: Obama In 1998 “I Believe In Redistribution”

Obama-Linked Liberal Think Tank Says Romney
Would Poison And Kill 21,600 Americans

Carney: Obama Governs Without Considering Politics!

Priorities: Middle East Burns, Economy Sputters,
Obama Drops By Letterman Before Beyoncé Bash

Obama: Jay-Z Knows What My Life Is Like

Democrat-Activist Media

Yes, But: NBC & CBS Try To Undermine
Romney’s Accurate Observation 47% Escape Income Tax

MSM’s Bias Continues To Help Elect Obama: Aggressive On
‘Secret Romney Tape’
 But  Lax On O’s  Failed Foreign And Economic Policies

Journo-Tool Matt Yglesias: Ownership Is
A Myth, Property Belongs To The State

No Interest By The Media In Kathleen Sebelius’s Unlawful Campaign Activity

Media Swooning Over ‘Secret Tape’ Exposure Further Exposes
Them As Palace Guards; Update: Obama/MSM 2012

Chris Matthews: Romney Thinking He Could Beat
Obama Was “An Arrogant Point of View”

“A Tall Order” to Expect Good Press For Barack Obama?

Davi Calls Out P.C. Hollywood for Abandoning Free Speech

2008: MSM Silent As Candidate Obama Used Troop
Deaths To Slam Bush And McCain Policy