16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Obamacare Tax Penalty To Hit Nearly 6 Million Uninsured

Fighting The Real Threats To The American Dream

GAO Finds No Authority To Waive Welfare To Work Rules

EPA Sets 4-Gallon Minimum For Motorists Buying Gas At Ethanol-15 Pumps

Hope And Change: America Drops To 18th Most Economically Free Country

Oh The Horror! Mitt Romney Called Illegal Aliens ‘Illegal Aliens’

Study: 15% Of Country On Food Stamps

Barack Obama

On Letterman, Genius Obama Forgets National Debt,
Says ‘Don’t Have To Worry About It Short-Term’

Report: Terrorist Behind Ambassador Murder ‘Ally Of Sorts’ To Obama Admin

Obama Team Blames American For Embassy Attack…
But It Was Al Qaeda Terrorist Released From Gitmo

Mark Levin: Obama Admin is In Full-Fledged Cover-Up
Mode Over Murder Of Ambassador And Staff In Libya

Obama Campaign Actually Replaces 50 Stars On
American Flag With Campaign ‘O’ Logo

New Obama Flag Looks Eerily Like Blood-Stained
Walls At Benghazi Consulate


Resignation Calls Fly At Justice Dept. Spokeswoman
Over Media Matters Collaboration

DOJ Fast-and-Furious Report: WH Aide Declined Interview With IG;
‘White House Did Not Produce Any Internal White House Communications’

‘We Would Die Dor Debbie Wasserman Schultz’

The ‘Security Leak Administration’ And The Deaths In Libya

Democrat-Activist Media

Media To Romney:  Stop Telling The Truth

AP Again Pretends That ‘Housing Starts’ Equals ‘Housing Construction,’
This Time Falsely Claiming a 60%, 3-1/2 Year Improvement

Liberal Millionaire And Major Obama Bundler Jeffrey Katzenberg
Receives Little Scrutiny From Nonprofit Journalism Group 

Media In Alternate Reality On Obama Failures

Abortion Survivor Responds To Media Calling Her A Liar

Only Journalists Offended By Romney’s “47 Percent” Remarks

‘Slate’ Investigates Paul Ryan’s Body Fat, Concludes He Probably Lied About It

Jay Carney Gets Amnesia Over His 2008 Column Criticizing Obama [Video]

Streisand Praises ‘Fiscally Conservative’ Obama

NBC Confused Libya With Egypt In Early Reporting

CNN Hypes ‘Tsunami’ Of Romney Campaign Problems 

Letterman Tells Obama ‘You Haven’t Seen Me Naked’,
He Responds ‘We’re Gonna Keep it That Way’


Video: Muslim Cleric Tears Bible Apart “Next Time I’ll
Urinate On It” –Stands By While Cohort Burns It

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