Must Know Headlines


Report: More Than 200 Coal-Fired Generators Slated For Shutdown

Ann Coulter: The Time Will Come When 51% Pay No Taxes

The Coming Internet Kill Switch

Vets Angry American Flag Replaced By ‘Obama Flag’

Bush Tax Cuts vs. Obama Stimulus

The 12-Step Guide For The Recovering Obama Voter

Rep. West On Black Abortions: ‘We Are Not Even Allowing
Our Children And Grandchildren To Be Born’


MUST WATCH: Special Report’s Extensive Report
On The Benghazi Cover-Up By The Obama Administration

Can’t Get Their Story Straight: Carney Labels
Libya Strike Terrorism, Obama Continues to Cite Film

Crony Socialist Obama

DISGRACE: Obama Campaign Peddles New American ‘Flag’…With Obama Logo

Obama Nation: More Americans Added To Food Stamps Than Find Jobs

AARP Leftists Boo Paul Ryan For Pushing Repeal Of Obamacare
… (AARP To Make $1 Billion Off Obamacare)

Here Are The 14 Most Absurd Things For Sale On The Obama Website

Mitt Romney’s Taxes and Barack Obama’s Record

To AARP, Obama Praises Grandmother He Once Said
May Not Have Deserved Hip-Replacement Surgery

Report: WH Staff May Be Involved In Prostitutes Scandal

Gretchen Carlson Visited By Apparent Obamabot


Energy Dept. Spends $10 Million On Water Turbine To Power 25 Houses

DNC Literally In Hock To SEIU: DNC Owes Millions
To Union-Owned Bank, Records Show

PAC Behind Infamous Cancer Ad Draws Support From
Secretive, Soros-Backed Group, Records Show

House Ethics, R.I.P.: Beltway Swamp Queen Maxine Waters Gets Off Scot-Free

LA Confidential: Mayor Villaraigosa Covers Up $400M Taxpayer Boondoggle

Nevada Republican To Harry Reid: Make Our Day, Release Your 2011 Tax Return

America To Blame For Muslim Riots, Says CAIR

Democrat-Activist Media

Chris Matthews Says ‘Unemployment Was Well Past
10%’ When Obama Took Office – It Was Only 7.8%

Gas Prices More Than Double Under Obama… State-Run Media Couldn’t Care Less

MSNBC Host Insists Dems Didn’t Control Congress For 2 Years Of Obama Presidency

Chick-Fil-A Wronged By Media Again

Media Pig Pile On Secret Romney Tape: 13x More
Coverage For Romney Tape Than Obama Tape

Univision Shows Up Mainstream Media In Obama Interview

 #LapDogMedia Alert – Stand By For Theme Shift

LA Times: Why We Won’t Release The Khalidi Video 

Media And Polls Are Wrong: We Can Defeat Barack Obama 


Romneys Paid $1.94 Million In Fed Taxes For 2011

Romney Gives More To Charity Than Obama And Biden Combined, 29.4% Vs. 23.3%

Left Outraged Romney Paid Too MUCH In Taxes, Gave 30 Percent To Charity; Reid,
Biden Hardest Hit; Update: CNN/MSNBC’s Commentator Goldie Taylor Unhinged