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Twitter Campaign: LAT — Release The Khalidi Tape Now

UNEDITED: Full Audio Of 1998 ‘Redistribution’ Speech:
Obama Saw Welfare Recipients As ‘Majority Coalition’

Chart Of  The Week: 70% Of Spending Goes To Dependence Programs

Coulter’s New Book: The True History Of The Democrats And
Americans Is One Democrats Should Be Ashamed Of

U.S. Corporate Tax Rate Is Highest In The World
As Canada And Sweden Cut Business Taxes

Muslim Respect For Religion Continues With Double Church Terror

Report: State Dept Left Consulate Unsecured Days After Ambassador Murder

Barack Obama

Obama Chooses Campaigning On ‘The View’ Over
Private Meetings With World Leaders At The UN

Echoing Ahmadinejad, Obama Calls Israeli Concern
Over Iran’s Genocidal Nuclear Program Is “Noise”

Obama Refers To Murdered Americans In Libya As “Bumps In The Road”

Obama’s New Flag Looks Like Bloody Benghazi Wall

The Obamaized Flag Poster Suddenly Disappears From Campaign Store

Obama: ‘I Haven’t Raised Taxes’

Adelson: Obama Administration Launched Smear Campaign Of Leaks Against Me

Top Ten Obama Campaign Disasters–So Far

Disgraceful: Michelle Obama Trots Out Race Card,
Says ‘Voting Rights Is Movement Of Our Era’

Crass Act: Obama Flashes Huge Wad Of Obama $tash [Photos]

NJ Hamas Imam Calls On Obama To Imprison Islam Critics


Levin: Beware Obamacare’s New Accountable Care Organizations
And ‘The Iron Fist Of Government’

Sen. Hatch Fights To Repeal Medical Device Tax As Companies Move Overseas

Democrat-Activist Media

SNL Mocks Undecided Voters As Morons

Classless: Moore Piles on Palin During Emmy Acceptance Speech

Media Put 18,000 In Not-Quite-Full 5,000-Seat Arena For Obama In Wisconsin

CNN Promotes Liberal Minister Who Hates Evangelical
‘Islamophobia’ — But Not  ‘The DaVinci Code’?


CNN Explains Obama Gaffe But Rips Romney’s ’47 Percent’ Comment


In Anti-IED Software Case, Army’s Buying Rules Trump Troops’ Safety