Must Know Headlines


We Live Under A Media Coup d’État

Democrat Pat Caddell: “There Is A Purposeful Conscious Effort
To Suppress News That Might Hurt Obama” (Video)

Debate Moderators Don’t Dare Ask Obama These Questions

WH Aide Involved In Fast And Furious Was ‘Suddenly’ Transferred To Iraq

Tricare Prime Fees Increase Up To 17 Percent

Fla. Voter Registration Fraud Expands To 10 Counties

Black Mob Hijacks Store: ‘We Own This’—
Cops Respond 9 Hours After Clerk Attacked, Say ‘Hire Security’

Official Victim Status For Arab-Americans?  New “Oppressed”
Minority  Group Under Consideration For Federal Goodies

Barack Obama

Lockheed Accepts Obama’s ‘Guidance’ And Will Delay Sending
Tens Of Thousands Of Layoff Notices Until After The Election

Change: Secret Phone And Communication Tapping Increased Under Obama

Obama Still Wants To Fundamentally Transform America:
A Radical’s Work Is Never Done

Hugo Chavez: Of Course I’d Vote For Obama, And Vice Versa

Obama Designates Home Of Leftist Icon Cesar Chavez A National Monument

In Obama’s Economy, Immigrants Hired More Than Native-Born Americans

Look Who Are Among Top Givers To The Obama Campaign

Debate Preview: Obama Will Lie

Obama Calls Debate Prep ‘A Drag’


Suppressing Our Economic Power: Is America Supposed
To Be Proud That Its Corporate Tax Rates Are The World’s Highest?

Liberals Send Election Intimidation Letter To 60,000 Pastors

Public Sector Union Promoting Romney’s “Trash Man”

 The New Left Fascists

 What Does The Obama Administration Have Against Cheap Vegetables?

California Gov. Brown OKs More Hollywood Tax Relief

Democrat- Activist Media

AP: Election Over, ‘Obama Wins’

WaPo: ‘Will Romney Reach Out To Racists?’

Extremely Racial MSNBC Host: Elizabeth Warren ‘Grew Up Thinking
She Was Native American’ So She’s Native American

Univision Exposes Massive Audience To Fast And Furious Scandal For First Time

MSNBC’s Bashir Suggests A President Romney Would Be
Mental Breakdown Waiting To Happen

The Scarborough Scam

CBS’s Schieffer Pushes Romney To Move ‘Toward The Center,’
Urges Him To Say ‘I’m A Moderate’

Few Show Up For Occupier Anniversary,
But WashPost Pretends It’s Significant


Senator Rand Paul Exposes The Folly Of US Foreign Aid