16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Black Teacher To White Student Take Off Your
Romney KKK T-Shirt This Is A “Democratic School”

Obama Campaign Staffer Threatens NAACP Official: “We’ve Been
Watching You, And Since You Don’t Support Obama, We’ll Deal With You”

 93 Year-Old Wheelchair-Bound Woman Gets Photo ID
In One Day
After Losing Initial PA Voter ID Lawsuit

Egypt’s Christians – Distraught And Displaced

Senators: DHS ‘Data Centers’ Terrorize Citizens

 Virginians Are Being Crushed By Obama’s Energy Policies

Sununu Demolishes Andrea Mitchell With Her Own Obama Talking Points

Barack Obama

Obama Raises $150M In September,
Tries To Block ‘Blockbuster’ Donor Scandal

Biden Admits He & Obama Want To Raise Taxes $1T

Obama’s $4 Trillion Lie Exposed By His Own Budget

Obama’s Truth Team: Big Mean Mitt Romney Made Big Bird Cry

Another Devastating Romney Ad Exposes How Obama
Borrowed Money From China, Then Wasted It


Terrible: Email Shows State Department Denied
Security Request From US Embassy In Libya 

 Bombshell: State Department Reduced Security
In Libya Despite Numerous Terror Attacks

Libyan Consulate Attack: More Disturbing Facts Emerge


HHS Is Spending More Money To Promote Obamacare

Obama Admin Sues To Force Arizona Fund Planned Parenthood

Reid Misquotes Romney To Make Immigration Attack 

Pa. Lawmaker (D) Refuses Pledge Of Allegiance At House Meeting

Obama Administration To Withdraw Millions
Of Alaska Acres From Development

Wife Of Univision Owner Nominated To
UN Post By Obama Administration

Another Detroit Official Embroiled In Sex Scandal 

Democrat’s Got Her Panties In A Bunch 

Gun Microstamping: Democrat Ignorance
Threatens Manufacturing Jobs

Democrat-Activist Media

The Seven Strangest Liberal Media Reactions To The First Debate

The Media Freak Out Is Fun To Watch

MSNBC Host: Obama Couldn’t Fight Back Because He’s Black

The Washington Post Co. Sinks Ever Deeper Into
Reliance on Government Programs For Its Profits

 Norah O’Donnell Jabs Romney On Big Bird Line: ‘Silly Thing To Bring Up’

Upset NBC Reporters Whine: Why Didn’t Obama Bring Up 47 Percent?

‘I Guess I’m Known As An Obama Supporter’: MSNBC’s
Chris Matthews (TINGLES) Finally Admits It

Media Offers Questions, Advice To Top Obama Campaign Strategist

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