Must Know Headlines


Al-Qaeda Assassinates Top Security Official At
US Embassy In Yemen On His Way To Work

Obama’s Libya Lies: Worse Than Watergate

Ex-Embassy Security Officer In Libya: “The Taliban Is On
The Inside Of The Building” At The State Department

An Incriminating Timeline: Obama Administration And Libya (VIDEO)

Rep. Jason Chaffetz: Obama Admin Sent Attorney To ‘Follow Me In My
Every Footstep’ During Investigative Trip To Libya

In This Reporter’s Opinion, Obama’s Terror Victory Is  A  ‘Major Lie’

#BenghaziGate: US Embassy Records Show 230
Security Incidents BEFORE Benghazi Attack

Chaffetz: Administration Pretended June 6 Terror Attack
On Benghazi Consulate ‘Never Happened’

Obama Administration Security Plan In Libya:
“Hope That Everything Would Get Better”


Wasserman Schultz: Wrong Statements About
Libya Doesn’t Mean They Were False

DNC Employees Caught Aiding People To Vote (TWICE) In Two Different States

Obama Administration Sent Attorney To
‘Follow’ Republican During Trip To Libya

IRS Says ‘Tax Avoidance’ At Heart Of Solyndra Bankruptcy Plan

Universal Theme Park Show Toasts Obama, Roasts Romney

Barack Obama

Enrollment In Federal Social Welfare Programs Outpaces Job Growth In Last 4 Years

Report: Duke Professor Confirms Arabic On Obama Ring

New O’Keefe Video: Obama Campaign Staffer
Caught Helping Activist Vote Twice

Mother Of Slain State Dept. Official Tired Of Being
Lied To And Stonewalled By Obama Administration

Democrat-Activist Media

ABC News Scrambles To Downplay Obama’s
At VP Debate Moderator’s Wedding


CNN Story So Biased, Obama Ad Trumpets Its Headline

Actual AP Headline: ‘Experts: Global Warming Means More Antarctic Ice’

Media’s Obama Narrative Collides With Reality

Empty Set Chair: Obama Backer Beyoncé Bows Out Of Eastwood Film

We Told You So: HuffPo Busts Gallup Poll Boosting Obama
By Tinkering With Sample On Eve Of Election

Softballs: ABC’s Cynthia McFadden Again Skips
Tough Questions For Michelle Obama 

Sawyer Spends 4 Minutes Channeling Liberal Angst Over
Obama’s Debate  Performance; 20 Seconds on Libya Dissembling