Must Know Headlines


Obama Let America’s Debt And Deficit Cancer Spread

How The GM Bailout Turned Into Foreign Aid

Just For Good Measure: Another Green-Stimulus Recipient Lays Of Workers

Report: Illegal Underground Food Stamp Market Thrives Online

Why Gay Americans, And Those Who Care About
Gay Americans, Should Vote For Mitt Romney

SuperPAC Ad Features Wisconsin Women Who
Voted For Obama In 2008 Switching To Romney


Democrat-Activist Media

A Reminder About The Last Plant-Infested, CNN-Run Town Hall Debate

Media Advises Obama On 47% Strategy

ABC Yanks Joke Calling Obama ‘Communist’

PBS Whitewashes Obama’s Radical Past, Dissing Romney 

During Discussion Of Benghazi, Giuliani Asks O’Brien
‘Am I Debating President’s Campaign?’

Whoopi Goldberg Falsely Claims Koch Warned Employees
They’d Lose Jobs If Obama Reelected

CNN Anchor Questions If Libya Should Even Be A Campaign Issue

Ed Schultz Takes Credit As ‘Coach’ For Biden’s Debate Clown Act

Barack Obama

Obama Bundler’s Foundation Releases
Study Panning Romney Medicare Plan

SEAL Team VI Family: ‘Obama’s ROEs Are Getting Our Warriors Killed’

Obama Arming Al Qaeda Terrorist Groups In Syria

Military Families Are Outing Obama

The Obama Abortion Agenda: Reviewing The Last Four Years


‘Land Of Dreams’: This Is The ‘Must Watch’
Allen West Speech Everyone Is Talking About

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