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Obama Lies About Ending The War In Afghanistan

THREE FACT CHECKS: Obama: Did Not Call Benghazi ‘Act Of Terror’

Sorry, Candy, Obama Didn’t Call Benghazi A Terrorist Attack In Speech:

Candy Crowley Backtracks, Admits Romney Was Right On Libya


Obama Touts Fair Pay For Women, Despite Records Showing
Women Paid Less In His Own White House [VIDEO]

FACT CHECK: Romney Right That Obama Made Major Cuts
To Oil Permits Both Off-Shore And On-Shore

President’s Wife Broke Rules, Led Applause At Debate

Obama Falsely Says Planned Parenthood Performs Mammograms

Obama Fashions Himself As A Defender Of Coal, Oil, Gas, Romney Calls Foul

AWFUL. CNN Moderator Jumps In To Defend Obama During
Presidential Debate (Video) …Update: Gave Obama 9% More Time

Video: Candy Crowley Admits Romney Was Correct About
Libya Attack But Simply Couldn’t Stop Herself

Video: Obama Smirked And Smiled When
Operation Fast And Furious Was Mentioned

‘Independent’ Audience Asks Twice As Many Anti-Romney Questions

Crowley Stacks Audience Questions, Followups For Obama

WORD CLOUD: Obama and Romney At The Second Presidential Debate


Battery Maker Bankrupt After Receiving $250M In Stimulus Funds

Administration Sets Aside Space Larger Than Rocky Mountain
National Park For Solar Power Projects

Who Runs California? Follow Public-Sector Union Money

Federal Spending By The Numbers – 2012

Hillary Gets Dumped On Again!
(That’s Okay, She Is Used To It)

Is The Obama Administration Still Artificially
Inflating Job Numbers By Counting ‘Lives Touched’?

Malala Versus Sandra—
What A Nation Of Plunderers We Have Become!

Barack Obama

With Gas Prices At Record Levels Obama Cuts Off Drilling
In Half Of Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve

Registered Democrat ‘Barbara From Harlem’:
Obama Must Go From Our White House!! [Video]

MLK Niece: Debate Should Give Black Voters Doubts About Obama

Flashback: Criminals Being Set Free Under Obama’s ‘Amnesty’ Policy

Post-Presidential Debate, Obama Supporters
Renew Vows To Murder Mitt Romney

Obama’s Tax Hikes Won’t ‘Pay Down The Debt’

Democrat-Activist Media

Liberal Professors Who Donate To Obama
Are Go-To Media Sources For Opinions

Obama’s Media Allies Struggle To Conceal Red Mentor

Hollywood’s Hysterical “Cancer Screening” Lie For Obama

CNN’s King Blames Romney For Crowley Deflecting His Attack On Obama

Tonight’s MSNBC Pre-Debate Talking Point: If Romney Wins And
ObamaCare Is Repealed, Many More People Will Die 

Uncritically, Media Accepts Misleading Global Warming Poll 

CNN Anchor Questions If Libya Should Even Be A Campaign Issue 


Muslim Brotherhood’s Lies Reach Ridiculous New Depth