16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Media Ignores Dozens Of Post-Debate Death Threats Against Romney

Government Spent Over $1.028 Trillion On Welfare In FY 2011

Bankruptcy Court Update: Taxpayers To Recover
A Grand Total Of $0 From Solyndra

Not Just Gas! Check Out The Drastic Price
Increases On These 21 Everyday Items 

Virginia Teacher Charged With Assault:
Girl’s Hand Cut in Forced ‘Islamic Hand Sign’ Drill

 Awesome New Romney Ad Features Former Women Colleagues
Praising Romney’s Sensitivity Toward Women


Obama Lied About Lily Ledbetter During Debate

Obama @ Debate: Women Rely On Planned Parenthood For Mammograms –
Obama’s HHS: Planned Parenthood  “Doesn’t Own Any Mammogram Machines

Liberals Fall Back On Old Cliches After Romney’s
“Binders Full Of Women” Remark

Libya Questioner At Debate:
Obama Didn’t Really Answer What I Asked Him

Crowley Validates Obama Libya Lie

Crowley Saves Obama With False Fact-Check

Crowley Let Obama Have Last Word 8 Of 11 Times

Debate 2 Idiot-In-Chief Obama: Gas Was $1.86 When I
Took Office “Because Economy Was On Verge Of Collapse”

Barack Obama

Killed Soldier Warned Obama’s Afghanistan
Strategy Needlessly Endangering Troops

Barack Obama And The Fundamental Transformation Of America

Obama Prosecuting Whistle-Blowers As Spies

Report: Obama Administration Entrusted Ambassador’s
Life To Ill-Trained, Unarmed Guards

Obama Doubles Down On Failed Green Energy Projects 

Gaffney On Benghazi: Not Just About Cover Up;
About Administration Embracing Muslim Brotherhood

 So Much for Obama’s New Era Of Responsibility


Michelle Obama Says Obama Never Points Fingers,
Blames Anyone Else

Clinton, Obama Try To Rewrite History On Benghazi

‘Binder Derangement Syndrome’: How The Democratic Party Exploits Women

Planned Parenthood Prez Defends $400K Salary, Taxpayer Funding

L.A. To Give Illegal Immigrants ID Cards

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Wrong: Romney Decisively Beat Obama In Debate

PolitiFact Helps Obama Peddle Misleading
Talking Point re: Lilly Ledbetter Case

Media Abetting Obama’s Benghazi Lies

National Geographic Bombarded With Jihadist
Over Osama Film …(Will Obama Apologize?)

Chris Matthews Compares Paul Ryan’s Pro-Life Views To Sharia Law 

Daily Kos: ‘Movement Conservatism Should Be
Considered As Seriously As  Communism’

Celebrities Pile On Mitt Hate Post Debate

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