Must Know Headlines


 Obama Job Losses Hit 7 Of 10 Battleground  States

Obama Girl Who? Introducing ‘Ryan Girl’ Singing “Let’s Get Fiscal”

House Armed Services Chairman Blocked From Getting Answers From
Senior Military About Threat Warnings Prior To Benghazi Consulate Attack

Coincidence Of The Day: Head Of California Agency That
Under-Reported Unemployment Stats An Obama Donor

Barack Obama

If You Don’t Vote For Mitt Romney You Are Ensuring
The Election Of Barack Obama

President Obama’s Taxpayer-Backed Green Energy Failures

Ahead Of Election, Obama Stops Releasing
“Stimulus” Bill Reports As Required By Law

President Obama’s Misleading Account Of
Lilly Ledbetter Equal Pay Case

Top 10 Obama Foreign Policy Blunders

The President Is Disengaged And Uninterested In National Security

Al-Qaeda Murders 16 Yemeni Soldiers …
(But Obama Said Al-Qaeda Was Defeated?)

Obama, Sex Toy Sellers, And Fake Military Voting Rights 

Obama: Romney Has “Romnesia”

Crony Capitalist Planned Parenthood

Judge Blocks Brewer’s Bid To Bar Funding To Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood President Volunteers For Obama
Re- Election For ‘Our Daughters And Granddaughters’

Crony Capitalist Planned Parenthood Prez
Will Campaign For Obama Full-Time


Joe Biden Interrupts Florida Woman’s Breast Cancer
Story With On-Stage Squatting Charades

 United Welfare State Of America: US Now Spends Over $1 Trillion On Welfare

Meet ‘Cinnamon’: Obama Super-Fan Says Mitt Romney Is A
‘Communist’ & ‘Socialist’ That Wants To ‘Work For China’

Obama Supporters Clueless About Second Term Agenda

WI Senate: Dem Baldwin Wanted to Block Body Armor Funding For Troops

Obama’s “Lady Parts” Campaign —MINUS THE BRAIN— Rolls On

Our Ambassador Is Dead, But Obama’s Political Guru Is Safe

Democrat-Activist Media

ABC, NBC Enable Obama’s Libya Lie, Day 3:
Media Cover-Up Of Obama Libya Scandal Continues

National Geographic Uses An AP Photo Including Bush 43
In Item About Obama Admin $131 Mil Grantee A123’s Bankruptcy

Andrea Mitchell: MSNBC Pays Men More Than Women

Robert Redford Endorses Obama


 ‘Transformers’ Director Michael Bay Calls Out Whiny, Overpaid Actors