Illegal Alien Charged With Murder In Colorado
Was Wanted For Deportation (Video)

Must Know Headlines


Biden’s Brother To Make Big Bucks Via Crony Capitalism

 Former CIA Officials Say No Way WH Didn’t Know Benghazi
Was A Terrorist Attack, Even During The Attack

 Cables From Amb. Stevens Warned Of Rise Of Islamic Militants In Benghazi,
Fears For His Safety, Al-Qaeda Flag Being Flown Over Government Buildings

Egyptians: We Want Nuclear Bombs And To Break Treaty With Israel

Overnight Outrage: The Federal Government’s $300-Plus Million
Solyndra Bankruptcy Gift To Obama Bundlers

$25 Billion Foreclosure Settlement Goes To State Coffers
Rather Than Troubled Homeowners


How ObamaCare’s Medicare Cuts Will Kill Poor African Americans

Obamacare Mandate: Anyone Who Works 30-Hour Week Is Now ‘Full-Time’

Barack Obama

Obama Bagged Over $2 Million In Invalid Donations For September

Obama  Must Be Grilled In Debate Over Libya Cover-Up

Despite Obama’s Claims, Al Qaeda Making Comeback In Afghanistan

Report: Islamist Radicals Find Warm Welcome In Obama White House

 Maker Of Obama’s Least Favorite Film Still Detained,
No Hope For Release Until After Election

Chart Of The Week: Defense Budget Cuts Gamble With National Security

Obama Doctrine: Ft. Hood Was Not Terrorism,
Wounded Soldiers Get No Benefits

The Obama Doctrine: A Failed Policy Leaving
America Weaker In A Dangerous World

Obama Quotes ‘New York Times Economist’ As
Evidence Romney Economic Plan Is A ‘Snow Job’

Report Reveals Obama Campaign Borrowed
$15 Million From Bank Of America


Academic Expectations Lowered:
Another Democrat Hit To Black Intellect

Biden: Lilly Ledbetter Act ‘Not A Big Deal In Terms Of Equal Pay’

WI Senate: Baldwin  (D) Takes $60K From
Pro-Iran Group, Pleads Ignorance

CA: Fliers Offering Voters Free Marijuana Leads To High Turnout

Democrat-Activist Media

Unhinged Media Matters Contributor Booted 3 Times
From Hating Breitbart Premier

NY Times Caught Editing Story On Iran Nuclear
Negotiations After White House Denial

Leftist Bloggers Cyber Bully Pollster For Calling Romney Momentum Early

Joe Klein: Benghazi Consulate Controversy
‘The October Mirage – It Really Isn’t  An Issue’

Russell Crowe Says ‘Obama Is The Light And The Future,’
Then Throws Hissy Fit, Blocks Fans

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