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Ad: ‘Obama Secured The Dictator Vote, Does He Have Yours?’

The Left Will Use Foreign Poll Observers To Fight An Obama Defeat

Bush’s Role In Obama’s Foreign Policy Successes

State Legislator’s Son Beaten Defending Romney Sign From Obama Supporters


In Defense of Bayonets & Horses! 5 Problems With
The President’s Zinger Last Night

Here’s The Truth About Romney On GM: Obama Lied

Debate Three: Presidential Romney Vs. Petty Obama

Fact-Check: Woodward Wrote That Obama Administration Proposed Sequester

Romney To Obama: I’m Not Going To Tell Putin He’ll Have More Flexibility

Romney Emphasizes $16 Trillion Debt As National Security Threat [VIDEO]

‘Horses And Bayonets’: Obama Mocks Romney On
Military Budget Cuts With Condescending Tone

President Obama’s Remarkable Holocaust Cheapshot

Happy Halloween! Here Are Some Creepy Obama Stares From The Debate 

WORD CLOUD: Obama And Romney At The Final Presidential Debate

The Bias Of Bob Schieffer: Top 7 Moments

Barack Obama

Obama: The Dictator’s Choice For U.S. President

Obama Campaign Backpedaling On Obama Sequester Promise

Obama Campaign Accepted Foreign Web Donation — And May He Hiding More

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz On Obama’s “Kill List”: What “Hill List”?

Iran Leak Previews Obama Second Term

Obama’s EPA Is Going After Cities


Obama Rally: What’s The Worst A President Romney Could Do?

State Dept. Skimps On Libya Security, Blows $5.6
Mil On Cultural Preservation Abroad

Hey, Remember When The Dems Used Russian Ships In DNC Military Tribute?

This Is What A Blue State Looks Like: Rally For Nudity In SF 

Background Music Of Appeasement Gave Both Obama
And Carter Murdered Diplomats

Stephanie Cutter: Obama’s Libya Response Has
Been A “Very Transparent Process” [Video] 

Democrat-Activist Media

ABC Cheers ‘Laudable’ Candy Crowley For Propping Up Obama In Debate

Chris Matthews Slams Young Romney Supporter Over Benghazi;
Says Terror Strike “Was All About A Video, Read A Newspaper” (Video)

Friedman Contends Benghazi Controversy ‘Utterly Contrived,’
Stephanopoulos Hails White House ‘Transparency’

Matthews And Panel Praise Schieffer For Getting Romney ‘To Be Quiet’

NBC’s Williams: Obama’s ‘Horses And Bayonets’ Zinger Will ‘Live Forever’


Military Forces Chaplains To Perform ‘Gay’ Marriage—
Lawmaker: Religious Objection Means End Of Their Careers