Must Know Headlines


Obama Thugs Key Cars, Slash Seats

Obama Supporters Dump Large Amount Of Nails
In Parking Lot Ahead Of Romney Rally

Church Sign Defaced With Anti-Romney Message

 Fed’s Lacker: New Bond Buying Won’t Work And Risks Fueling Inflation

Benghazi, Libya On 9/11

White House Tries To Throw Military Under Bus

Report: Obama Watched Benghazi Attack From ‘Situation Room’

Obama Flew To Las Vegas For A Fundraiser The Day After Benghazi Attack

 CIA: We Didn’t Tell Anybody Not To Respond To The
Request For Help During The Benghazi Attack

‘Stand Down’: U.S. Had Two Drones, AC-130
Gunship, and Targets Painted In Benghazi

Obama Admits He Doesn’t Know Whether Military
Could Have Helped Embassy [VIDEO]

Barack Obama

 Company Of Obama Export Adviser Encourages Outsourcing Jobs To Mexico

Gingrich: Obama Cancels Events For Sandy But Not For Benghazi

Obama Laughs When Asked About Wasting Money On Green Energy

Is This What Obama’s Green-Energy Future Looks Like?

How Obama Snookered The Biggest Newspaper In Iowa


Biden To Slain Navy Seal’s Father: ‘Did Your
Son Always Have Balls The Size Of Cue Balls?’

Biden Says Republicans Counting On Voter ‘Amnesia’…
Then Gets Senate Candidate’s Name Wrong…Twice

Madonna Booed For Telling New Orleans
Concertgoers To Vote For Obama

Explosive CDC Omission: Norovirus Spread
Through Reusable Grocery Bags

Democrat-Activist Media

Pat Caddell On The Mainstream Media Ignoring Benghazi:
“These People Have No Honor!”

Staggering Ignorance From Bill Maher:
We Spend 42% Of Our Total Budget On Defense’

 In MTV Interview, President Talks Global Warming,
Facebook, His iPod Playlist

Is New York Times Hiding Its CEO’s Role In Sex Abuse Cover-Up?

Timing Of Nat Geo Bin Laden Documentary
Creating Unnecessary Election Controversy 

Actor Jay Thomas: ‘Worried’ That ‘Medieval…
Idiot White Guys’ Romney And Ryan Might Win

AP Writers Claim Their ‘Poll’ Shows
‘Majority Harbor Prejudice Against Blacks’