Must Know Headlines


 Twitter Users Who Threatened Romney’s Life Remain Active

  Increase Of College Debt Among Grads Highest In History, Study Shows

New Unreleased Mitt Romney Ad Hits Back At Obama Over Auto Bailout

Break The Gridlock, Elect GOP Senators 

 Pro-Obama Ad Has Children Singing About An America
Where ‘Sick People Just Die’ & ‘Oil Fills The Sea’

Des Moines Register Endorses Romney; First GOP Nod In Four Decades

Barack Obama 

Obama Offered To Reestablish Full Ties With Iran, Israeli Paper Reports

Benghazigate, Chapter Two: Treachery And Betrayal Were The
Administration’s Response, As The Media Gives Obama Cover

Obama Admin’s ‘Loose Lips’ Under Investigation—
Grand Jury To Review Use Of Classified Information For Political Gain

 Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Lashes Out At
Des Moines Register For Picking Romney (Video)


Democrats Have Early Voting Lead In More States Than Republicans

Backward On Women’s Dignity

Michelle Obama Sends Panicked Email
Begging For Campaign Donations

Video Confirmation That Joe Biden’s Fiscal
Teachings Have Not Been In Vain

Democrat-Activist Media

The Media’s Cover-Up Of Benghazigate 

Media Blackout: Aside From FOX, Sunday News
Hosts Fail To Raise Benghazi 

Bozell: After ‘Delusional’ Rantings, It’s Pretty Clear Chris Matthews
Is ‘Bully’ And ‘Unmitigated Liar’

Daily Beast Correspondent Calls Des Moines Register’s
Romney Endorsement ‘A Practical Joke’

Cher Literally Driven To Tears By Prospect Of A
Romney Win; ‘If Romney Wins … I Shall Cry FOREVER!’ 

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