Must Know Headlines


Barack Obama

America’s Most Prominent, Dedicated Communists
Support Barack Obama

‘Forward’: Obama Gets A Little
Electioneering In During FEMA Briefing

Obama Has An Army Of Lawyers Ready For Election Day

Obama Doubles Down On Myth Banks Tricked Homebuyers


If You Want To Repeal Obamacare, Support Akin & Mourdock

Real War On Women: Obamacare Reduces Women’s Health Coverage


DNC Chair Involved In Altercation Outside Polling Location

Clinton Politicizes Sandy; Defends Obama
Claim To Turn Back The Seas

Rahm Politicizes Sandy; Offers Help To Dem. Mayors,
But Not Republican Governors

Michelle Obama: Kids As Young As 10-Years-Old Should
Be Working On Obama Phone Banks

Obama & Democrat Backed Occupy Wall Street
Celebrates Hurricane Damage In New York City

Biden: Transgender Discrimination Is
‘Civil Rights Issue Of Our Time’

Demonizing Republicans With Hurricane Sandy

 Democrat-Activist Media

Mitt Romney Can’t Win – MSNBC Attacks Him All
Day For Being Charitable To Hurricane Victims

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Slams Mitt Romney
 For Collecting Storm Supplies

NYT: Big Storm Requires Big Government

 China- And Romney-Obsessed Toledo Blade, Politico Fail To Report
Fiat’s Plans To Import New Jeep Model To Be Made In Italy

BuzzFeed Reporter Caught On Tape Expecting
Romney To ‘Say Something Stupid’ [VIDEO]

And Now, An Election Message From ‘The Hangover’ Cast