Must Know Headlines


So It Begins: Boeing’s Defense Division Announces Layoffs

Vegas Employer: Obama Won–So I Fired 22 Employees

Black Woman Supports Abortion: “No Ugly Ass Nappy Headed Kids”

Green Groups Target Keystone Pipeline  

Corruption Scandals Don’t Stop U.S. Reps (Democrats)
From Winning Reelection

U.N. Plotting Takeover Of Internet

5 Reasons Why Liberal Jews Will Never Support Israel

Obama Supporters

Domestic Bomber Bill Ayers: Dear President Obama, Congratulations

Latin America Marxists Cheer Comrade Obama’s Victory

Obama Supporter On Israel: Kill Those Motherf*ckers

Obama Supporters Serve Up Venomous ‘Revenge’ To Actress
Stacey Dash: ‘Die,’ ‘Come Off Porch, House Slave’ 

Barack Obama

The Top 3 Special Interests Expecting Favors During Obama’s Second Term  

Obama’s First Political Prisoner Begins One-Year Prison Sentence

Awkward Video Of The Day: Netanyahu Congratulates Obama On Winning

 Election 2012: Obama Gets His “Revenge,”
But Conservatives Must Stand Tall

 Obama Doesn’t Have To Be The Only Candidate For Blacks

Democrat-Activist Media

Five Ways The Mainstream Media Tipped The Scales In Favor Of Obama 

Chris Matthews: Quoting Obama Is Racist,
Slams Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘Twisted’ Movie

Scarborough To Republicans: ‘Stop Blaming The Media’

Bill Maher Compares GOP, Romney To Hitler

CBS Buries Kroft Asking Obama Why He Skirted Using
‘Terrorism’ Term the Day After Benghazi Attack

Martin Bashir Apologizes To Young Viewers Frightened
By Charles Krauthammer’s Face On Screen

Matthews On MSNBC Audience: Haters Or Idiots

Did Diane Sawyer Start Celebrating A Little Early?

Chris Matthews: Obama Will Lose The South
Due To Republicans Stoking Racial Fears