16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Allen West: Democrats Complain About Republican Diversity But
Then Viciously Attack Minorities In GOP

 What Happened To All Of The Military Votes In The 2012 Election?

Paul Ryan Supporters Begin Online Campaign For House Speaker;
‘Boehner Must Go’

Chavez’s Venezuela Now On Same U.N. Human Rights Council As U.S.

Food Stamps Cut In Ohio-After Election


State Dept.: Give Syria ‘Time And Space’–And $34 Million More In Aid

Has America Partnered With Al Qaeda In Syria?

Barack Obama

Obama Team Hid Record Foodstamp Surge Before Election

White House Seeking To Organize Americans On Obama’s Behalf

Obama To Meet With Top Union Thugs, Leaders Of Leftist Groups After They
Drop Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars On His Re-Election Campaign

Let’s See The President’s Plan

Obama To Dumb-Down America… Punish Employers
With Aggressive Race Quotas

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Lauds ‘Occupy Sandy,’ Ignores Religious Relief Efforts

MSNBC’s Chris Jansing: ‘Parallels’ Between Lincoln
And Reelected Obama Are ‘Fascinating’

Mainstream Scream: Author Compares Obama To Jefferson

NBC Can’t Wait For Hillary In 2016:
‘Can You Think Of A More Qualified Human Being?’

Top Five Dumbest Things In Politico’s Attack On The ‘GOP’s Media Cocoon’

Meet The Press Distorts Limbaugh’s Words,
But Joaquin Castro Confirms His Point Anyway


Northwestern U. Marxism Conference Packed With Teachers

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