Must Know Headlines


Anti-Gun Immigrant Chides Americans For
‘Literal Following Of The Constitution’

Illegal Immigrants Pushing For U.S. Law Licenses

Civic Illiteracy Won The White House For Obama

Jobless Numbers Surge By 78,000 Week After Election
– Highest Number In Over A Year

This Is Your Life Under Obamacare

Ron Paul’s Farewell Salute To Freedom

Sex And The Generals:
Beyond The Sexapades There Is Someting Deadly Serious Going On

Barack Obama

Two Things Barack Obama Doesn’t Understand: Taxes And Mathematics

3 Windows Into Obama’s Dangerous Second Term:
The Nightmare Has Already Begun

Obama Opens Mouth, Stocks Fall To 6 Month Low

Obama Turns To Familiar Refrain In Post-Election
Press Conference: Blame Bush

“Small Biz Loving” Obama Met With Labor, CEOs Instead

Empty Chair: Obama Pledges More (Taxpayer Funded)
Vacations, Because It’s ‘Good For His Soul’

Obama Takes Action On ‘Unreliable’ Power Grid – In Pakistan!:
Project Launched In Wake Of Hurricane Sandy

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Falsely Blame Conservatism For Republican Defeat

Journalists Rush To Rescue Obama From Benghazi Blame

Why Is It Okay To Pick On Old White Republican Men,
But Not Old White Democrat Women?

Giggly ‘Journalist’ Who Goes ‘Way Back’ With Obama Congratulates On Victory

Obama-Protecting Reporters Argue With GOP Senators
On Benghazi Investigation

MSNBC: Republicans “Don’t Care About Poor People,” And “Don’t Love America”  

CBS Pummels McCain; Rushes To Susan Rice’s Defense
Over Refuted Benghazi Claim


Krauthammer Nails Obama To The Wall: “Why The Hell” Did You Have
Rice Address Benghazi If She “Had Nothing To Do With It?”

Actually, Yes, Susan Rice Did Say The Benghazi
Attacks Were Spontaneous


Democrats Boo Reporter Because They Didn’t Like His Question

Why Is It Okay To Pick On Old White Republican Men,
But Not Old White Democrat Women?

Al Sharpton Supports Local Mayor Recount But Against
Allen West Recount Though Both In St. Lucie County

There He Goes Again – Harry Reid Denies Social Security Is Unsustainable


United Nations Agrees With Democrats
 Calls Access To Birth Control A “Human Right”