16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Coulter: Democrat’s Decision To Turn US Into Third
World Nation Is Working Out As Planned

County Spends $100k To Help Illegal Aliens With Immigration Forms

Koffler: GOP Needs To Makes Its Case, Not Change It

Barack Obama

Outrageous!… Obama To Give Union Goons
Contact Info Of Non-Union Workers

Benghazigate: Obama Now Blaming Petraeus For Rice’s Video Lie

Watch Out, Speaker, Obama Still Channeling Saul Alinsky

 Pro-Abortion PACs Credit Their Fear Mongering For Obama’s
Re-Election: We “Kept Independent Women Scared”

BP Held Accountable For Gulf Oil Spill,
Obama Administration Held Accountable For Nothing

White House Admits Details Given Bin Laden Filmmakers ‘Unnecessary Risk’


Labor Unions Kill The Twinkie And 18,000 Jobs

Lame Black Christian Cop-Out

CodePink Protester: Soldiers Vote GOP Like
They ‘Drink and Smoke And Be Christians’

Having Solved All Other Problems, Rahm Emanuel Begins Crusade
For Healthier Vending Machines In City Buildings

Obama Supporting Dems Hurl More Racist, Sexist Attacks On Stacey Dash

Pelosi Confuses 11th And 14th Amendments:
‘Whatever It Is, I’m With The Constitution’

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Shifts Benghazi Focus To The “Old, White Guys”
Attacking Obama And Rice

Networks Blame ‘Fiscal Cliff’ On Congress,
GOP 16 Times More Than President

Soledad O’Brien Grills Republican Over Susan Rice,
But Lets Democrat Off The Hook

ABC Hypes Obama ‘Coming Out Swinging’ Over Libya,
Ignores Tough Fox Question On Responsibility

Media Uninterested In Asking The Hard Questions
Of Their Teammate In The White House

Jobless Claims Explode; Media Spinners Blame Hurricane

To Protect Obama From Libya,
Media Turns McCain Into Captain Ahab

Bill Maher: Racist Troglodytes Dragging Back GOP

More Biased Photo Coverage At The Washington Post

In The Tank? Chicago Reporter Congratulates Obama
On Re-election At Press Conference

 Stacey Dash Crashes ‘The View’ … Gets Lip From Behar


The Pictures Coming Out Of Israel Are Chilling —
See Collection Showing The Aftermath

BBC Calls Tel Aviv Israel’s Capital, Not Jerusalem

Hamas Rocket Kills Four-Including Baby


Gaza Conflict Tests Egypt

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