Obama Re-Election Brings Israel Mideast War



Mideast: The re-election of a U.S. president with a weak foreign  policy has, on cue, brought war to Israel. Islamist aggressors have sized up the  next four years based on the last four years.

The month after his inauguration, after meeting with the woman who would help  him win the Cold War, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, President Ronald  Reagan recited a favorite Churchill quote.

It was a grave warning that “peace will not be preserved without the virtues  that make victory possible in war. Peace will not be preserved by pious  sentiments expressed in terms of platitudes or by official grimaces and  diplomatic correctitude, however desirable these may be from time to time. It  will not be preserved by casting aside in dangerous years the panoply of warlike  strength.”

President Obama’s re-election telegraphed that the world’s lone superpower  will continue the sentimentalist diplomacy of the last four years.

It also confirmed that America would continue gutting its military, shutting  down the production of key weapons systems like the F-22 Raptor, which the Air  Force calls critical in sustaining U.S. tactical air power.

As House Armed Services Committee Republicans have warned, cuts will mean the  Army and Marines losing 200,000 troops, and the Navy shrinking from 300 to 238  vessels while losing two carrier battle groups.

Hamas, whose rockets now target Jerusalem, know that America is weakening  both its military and its support for the Jewish state — just as they know our  “tough diplomacy” against Iran is a dismal failure as Tehran nears nuclear  weapons capability.

The thousands of Egyptians who on Friday began protesting Israel’s  self-defensive air strikes on Gaza, from which the rockets are launched, know  it.

Egypt’s new president, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi — who, unlike  millions of Americans, can thank Obama for his job — knows these things too. He  chillingly warned Israel, “in the name of all the Egyptian people … Egypt  today is not the Egypt of yesterday, and Arabs today are not the Arabs of  yesterday.” (Thank you, President Obama, for your irresponsible 2009 Cairo  University speech apologizing for America and appeasing the Islamic world.)

Israel is now preparing to call up as many as 75,000 reservists, a sign of  possible full-scale war with Egypt, Syria and even Hamas’ patron, Islamofascist  Iran.

None of this would be happening if Morsi’s predecessor, staunch U.S. ally  Hosni Mubarak, still held power. But Obama undermined him and encouraged the  “Arab Spring” that empowered Islamic fundamentalists. READ MORE