Must Know Headlines


Homeland Security Promotes Taxpayer Funded Welfare To
New Immigrants In Government ‘Welcome’ Materials

Occupy Wall Street Doctor Arrested With Bomb
Making Chemicals And Stash Of Weapons

 White House Changed CIA Talking Points — Hill Intel Leaders Confirm
CIA Guidance On Benghazi Attack Deleted Terror References

Petraeus ‘Knew Almost Immediately’ Al Qaeda-Linked
Group Responsible For Benghazi

Barack Obama

S&P 500 Has Lost $806 Billion Since Obama’s Re-Election

Obama Appoints Class Warfare Czar To Save New York

 Gallup: Americans Who Think We’ll Be Worse Off In 4 Yrs Doubled In 4 Yrs

 Joe Biden Reminds Jersey Storm Victims They’ve
‘Got A Homeboy In The Deal Who Gets It’

Obama In Burma: ‘I Cannot Just Impose My Will On Congress,
Even Though Sometimes I Wish I Could’

Bible Publisher Beats Obama Abortion-HHS Mandate In Court


Chicago Teachers Strategize On How To Indoctrinate Kids With Marxism

Mayor Of City That Spends $22K Per Student On Education:
We Should Spend More On Education

CFPB Creating Large Mortgage Database With Credit
And Financial Profiles Of Borrowers

Democrat-Activist Media

Media, Obama Ignore Female Senator’s Criticism Of Susan Rice

MSNBC Anchor Tells Israeli Ambassador Hamas Rockets ‘Rarely Do Damage’

CNN Gets ‘Fooled’ By A Palestinian Child’s Death;
Real Story Is Hamas Barbarity Against ‘Its Own’ People

Lapdog Media Fail To Report New CNN Dep. Bureau
Chief Is Married To Obama Official

Corps Should Be ‘Perturbed,’ Not Chuckle At,
Christi Parsons’s Fan Girl Act

CNN Promotes Liberal Catholics’ Attack On Bishops

Look What Hollywood Has Done To Lincoln Now


80 Truckloads: Even While Under Attack,
Israel Sends Food And Medical Equipment Into Gaza

Israeli Ambassador: Arab Spring Made It
Easier For Hamas To Import Weapons

Obama Commends Egyptian President On
Same Day He Threatened Israel

Jon Lovitz: ‘Sad To Hear Americans Defend Hamas,
A Terrorist Organization’

It Seems The Dead Boy Used As Symbol Of
Israeli ‘Aggression’ Was Killed By…Hamas

Anonymous Launches Cyberwar Against Israel

Gaza Rocket Terrorism Triggers Israeli Military Response

Beware Of ‘Pallywood’ Magic


Top 10 Election Bright Spots