Must Know Headlines


Final Election Results Show Democrat-Media Complex Won By Lying
To & Withholding Information From American Public

Chief Economist: Quantitative Easing A Ticking ‘Time Bomb’

The GOP Dream Act Is A Nightmare

Note To The Unions Playing Class Warfare Card Against Walmart:
If You Erased CEO’s Entire Salary You Could Raise Hourly
Wage For Company’s Workers By One Penny

Why Is The Latino Poverty Rate So High?

6 ‘Naughty’ Companies That Are Allegedly ‘Christmas Unfriendly’

Barack Obama

Black Leaders To Obama: You Owe Us

Reporter Asks Obama About Fiscal Cliff; President Empty Chair:
‘We’re Doing Christmas Shopping’

Study: Top 5 States To Be Hit Hardest With
Tax Increases Voted For Obama

Caregivers Coaxed The Mentally Disabled Into Voting For Obama

The Obama Administration Proposed 80 New Regulations….Friday

Obama’s Hamas Ceasefire Leads To Increased Weapons Smuggling

Inviting Criminals Across The Border:
Obama’s Toothless Immigration Enforcement


Race, Rice; The Baiting Never Ends With Liberals

State Dept To Send Rocker Andrew W.K. To Bahrain

Obama’s Energy Chief Sees Rifles As ‘Terrorist Threat’

The New American Dream? DHS Promotes Gov’t
Handouts To Immigrants On Its Website

Democrat-Activist Media

Data: PolitiFact’s ‘Pants On Fire’ Awarded Overwhelmingly
To Republicans, Conservatives

MSNBC Extremism On Display During Waning Days Of Election

NYT: Jeb Bush For President, 2016!

NBC Uses Dubious Propaganda Images From Gaza War

MSNBC Vice President: Racism Motivating
Conservative Attacks On Susan Rice

NBC Whistles Past The Rude Rap


Global  Warming Mission Creep At The World Bank