Obama Admin Still Witholding Bin Laden Burial Info


It doesn’t bother Obama supporters that the man who promised to be the most transparent president ever, is actually the least. This is just one more example from the long list.

Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama’s administration gave up 31 pages of “heavily redacted emails” related to the military’s burial of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden over the past week or so, but continues refusing to release more information about the operation and subsequent burial……………………………

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said that Obama is refusing to release the extra details about the bin Laden burial – including the photographs, videos and the religious remarks – because he’s afraid of hurting the feelings of terrorists that have taken the helm of al-Qaida in the wake of its leader’s killing………

The Associated Press said it plans to appeal the Obama administration’s decision to withhold information. “Although the Obama administration has pledged to be the most transparent in American history, it is keeping a tight hold on materials related to the bin Laden raid,” the AP wrote. READ MORE

Wow. That is a first from the AP.


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