Kevin The Geek – Harassed By City Government For Exercising First Amendment Rights


Freedom Works:

You may recall this story from August, shortly after Obama uttered those famous words about business owners not building that. Kevin Kerwin of Lake Oswego, Oregon, put up a sign in his shop window that said, “Hey Obama … I BUILT MY BUSINESS BY MYSELF YOU INCOMPETENT LOUSY EXCUSE FOR A PRESIDENT … I’m KevintheGeek and I approve this message”.

Kevin has, naturally, experienced the love and tolerance that the professional protesting Left is known for in this country. Not being easily intimidated, Kevin became a local celebrity and hero to Conservatives by adding other messages to his shop window. In an interview on November 26, he told me, “I wanted to shove it back in their faces a little bit, because it’s my only outlet to express my opinion to a lot of folks and show them I’m fed up with the liberal agenda.”

Kevin told his story to local radio host Victoria Taft (reprinted from The Blaze):

Kevin “The Geek” got an interesting customer yesterday at his Lake Oswego based business. A Dunthorpe doyenne entered his store, began berating the businessman for his anti Obama sign, and when he insisted he wouldn’t take it down, slapped him. He threatened to call the cops but she left and then shuffled across the street and lost herself in the stores and parking lot.[…] He didn’t get a picture or see her vehicle and doesn’t know her name so did not report her to police. Here’s what he sent me right after it happened,…… READ MORE

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