NBC Nixes Chelsea Clinton/Gay Marriage Ads


By Warner Todd Huston

Despite that Chelsea Clinton has been an advocate for gay marriage for some time, during the 2012 election campaign NBC refused to allow her to appear in advocacy videos made by a Washington State-based gay marriage advocacy group that was trying to get a gay marriage referendum placed on the ballot there.

Clinton, an employee of NBC News, was hired in 2011 to do feels good-type stories that aren’t political in nature and due to her contract the network refused to give the gay advocacy group the go ahead to run the ads either on TV or the web.

Clinton had already filmed the advocacy ads before NBC rendered its decision.

People who saw the video said that Chelsea talked of her feeling that everyone had a right to marry and claimed that a yes vote in Washington State would send a message to the rest of the country to get on the gay marriage bandwagon.

Washington State did approve of referendum 74, though, without the assistance of the Clinton ads.

Via Tim Graham, the gay website Queerty criticized NBC’s decision saying, “We understand a news outlet wanting to keep its on-air talent away from big public stances on the issues of the day. But Clinton has already appeared at various LGBT fundraisers and been outspoken in her support—as have out newsfolk like Don Lemon and Thomas Roberts. Maybe we should just accept that the days of opinion-free journalists are over.”

When she debuted on NBC in 2011, the former first daughter was called “one of the most boring people of her era,” but despite dour reviews her contract was renewed the following year.


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NBC Nixes Chelsea Clinton/Gay Marriage Ads

  • hahaha. He said the days of opinion-free journalists are over. Sounds like this man is making excuses for his buddies in the liberal media. Imagine the outrage if Fox News did this to one of their newsies, they would be slandered by the left (actors, news outlets, pro-gay groups, and politicians) as homophobic but not NBC. Nope, it’s like it didn’t even happened and everyone on the left understands. What’s the big deal with her doing the ad NBC? It’s a truthful ad and it’s how she feels. Nothing wrong with that as most of your reporters pretend they are unbiased.

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