Must Know Headlines


When Work Is Punished: The Tragedy Of America’s Welfare State

US Census Bureau Reports 14.9 Million Households On Food Stamps

Rand Paul Renews Threat To Filibuster The NDAA: Today,
We Will Either Affirm The Right To Trial By Jury Or Restrict It

DC Takes Top Honors — For Worst Graduation Rate In U.S.

 Ford Making Plans For Fiscal Cliff While Government Motors
Says It Has No Need

White House Launches Twitter Campaign To Bully
GOP Into Caving On Tax Hikes

Barack Obama

Communist Party USA Celebrates Obama Win,
Praises Blacks, Hispanics, Women For Working Together To Defeat ‘White People’

 The Endless Campaign Rolls On… Obama Asks Supporters To Make
Videos On How They Want To Bilk  The Rich

Obama’s 63-Year Tax Plan Won’t Tame Deficits, Spending

Surprise: President Who Once Warned Against Changing The
Filibuster Now Supports Changing The Filibuster

Obama’s Tax Increases Fund Government For Eight Days

Woman Obama Embraced After Sandy Hasn’t Gotten Help,
But It’s Okay Because He Cares and Republicans Don’t

Obama: ‘Susan Rice Is Extraordinary.
Couldn’t Be Prouder Of The Job She’s Done.’

Now That Obama’s Reelected, He’s Returning To
The Campaign Trail (Seriously)


 Make The Democrats Own The Obama Economy

90% Of Top Obama Advisers White Males

Rice Has Up To $600K Stake In Keystone Company—
Approving Pipeline Could Be One Of New Secretary Of State’s First Duties

Disgraced Ex-Congressman Who Served Prison Time For Sexual Assault On
A Minor And Fraud To Run For Jesse Jackson Jr’s House Seat

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN: Time For A Gas Tax Hike

How Amazingly Convenient: Lefties ‘Discover’ That Susan Rice Has
‘Conflict of Interest’ Energy Investments

Government Defines Poverty Upward,
Media Don’t Notice The Trick

NBC’s Lauer Tees Up Warren Buffett To Demand Tax Hikes
And Dismiss GOP Opposition

 MSNBC Host FAIL: Jesus Was Born To A Unwed
Single Mom And A Doting Step-Father


Border Crossing Operates On Honor System,
Border Patrol Hundreds Of Miles Away