Obama’s Economy Makes Criminals Out of Pennsylvania Family, Lose Their Children


By Warner Todd Huston

Obama’s unemployment rate is the worst continuously down trend seen since The Great Depression. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs and, subsequently, lost their homes to foreclosure. One Pennsylvania family, faced with Obama’s destruction, tried to move to another state where they hoped to see a better life but instead of finding opportunity they had their children stolen from them by the state and were turned into criminals.

After losing their home to foreclosure, the Detjen family rented a moving truck, loaded their meager possessions on board, and decided to try and head west to greener pastures. Of course, the problem was that the tiny cab of the truck could not hold the couple and their seven children.

So, the Detjen’s bundled up five of their children in winter clothing and sat them in the cargo hold of the moving truck and then set out for California.

Some nosey citizen, however, called the jackboots on the Detjens because, as the law stands, having riders in the cargo hold of a moving truck is illegal.

Naturally, the cops swooped down on the Detjens as they plied one of Indiana’s highways on their way west. The couple’s belongings were impounded, the truck jacked to the police impound lot, and, naturally, their children were taken away from them by those oh-so-concerned drones from the department of Children and Family Services.

In that ages old American way, this beset upon family was trying desperately to start life anew by bundling up the family and moving to where they think might be greener pastures. But in this age of Obama, this family was instead turned them into criminals. Note that this couple was trying to be self-sufficient. They weren’t demanding that the government fix it all for them. They were trying to move west and start anew in the ages old American practice of our migrating Diaspora, if you will. After all, for generations millions of Americans have moved from one part of the country to another as the economy waxed and waned and jobs came and went. We even have a famous American novel depicting such a migration. Many of you may have found The Grapes of Wrath required reading in school.

So, in that American way, the Detjens had hope. They were looking to the future, not whining about their past circumstances. But the age of Obama has dashed all that rugged individualism, that self-reliance in which Americans are supposed to excel. Obama wants sedentary dependence, he wants people to forget about self-reliance and wants them to turn to government. Obama wants to eliminate from the American psyche that idea that if things are going badly here we can get on the road and move to where there is opportunity.

As Indiana’s WTHR reports, some Hoosiers were stunned and saddened by what happened to the Detjens.

Hooser Terry Nichols thinks the whole Obama-caused situation sucks.

“When you lose you job. Lose your home and lose everything, what are you going to do? Well these people did the best they could,” Nichols said. “Here is a family on hard times that gathered together the resources they have and make a run for the coast. They didn’t ask for anyone’s help, but they got stopped, put in jail, kids taken away from them, animals taken away, truck impounded.

Nichols says he sees this as a modern day “Grapes of Wrath” story that is becoming all too common.

“It’s a bad situation. I am well aware of that, but they were leaving a bad situation hoping for a better one. They didn’t ask for anyone’s help, so they certainly didn’t need anyone’s interference,” Nichols said.

What are you supposed to do, indeed.


The Detjens biggest problem is that they are not of the right group for anyone in Obama’s world to care about them.


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